Here it is: The mother of all my posts about women. (No pun intended.)

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If you want to summarize all my thoughts about women, from their importance, to what I think they ought to do with their lives, you can summarize it down to one single word: Womb. I find it to be a wonderful, wonderful coincidence that the words woman and womb are a lot alike. I don’t know if the words have the same etymology, and I don’t care if they do or don’t. They’re similar, and I like that.

Let me explain the significance of the word “womb” in this context.

Observe your mother. Observe your grandma. Observe your sister. Observe your girlfriend or wife. Observe just about any female you find on social media. What is something that the majority of them seem to have in common?

You will notice their endless need for the world to be a safer, more comfortable place. They’re always trying to mother everyone.

Something is always unfair, something is always sad, something bad needs to stop happening, some group needs to be more accepted, some group needs to be more protected, some animal needs adopting, some poor village needs more money.

Now think about what a womb is. Don’t just think of a womb as “the place where fetuses develop.” No, think of what a womb truly is, in essence and effect.

The womb is a place of complete comfort, and peace, and safety. It is a place – actually, the only place – where everything someone needs is provided to them freely, and endlessly. It is the place where mommy always has you close to her, where she is always holding you every minute of every day.

Why do babies cry when they leave the womb? Because it’s a traumatizing experience. We all spend our first moments of life in a womb, and since it’s all we know at the time, and all we want is to remain in that state of total comfort forever, we are emotionally shaken when we are forced out of it.

Women don’t just have wombs, they are the essence of the womb itself. It is the very core of feminine essence to make things like the womb again for us all. (I said “feminine,” not “feminist.” Just making that abundantly clear.)

Why are women so particular about their own spaces? Why do they always want things in their living space to be a certain way, which usually involves cleanliness and aesthetic appeal? You’d be right to say it’s because they evolved to care for babies, and babies need their living areas as safe as possible, but there’s more to it than that. Women want their spaces to bear the essence of the womb itself. They want their spaces to be where they, and everyone they love, feels safe and comfortable and at peace.

Women are supposed to want their own space, which harkens back to the fact they are selfish creatures, which is a good thing when used for nature’s intended purpose. They want their own space, and they want as much ‘stuff’ as they can acquire, particularly food and resources (money). Feeling secure is their highest priority, not only because they are weaker than men, but because of just how their brains are wired – they want the essence of the womb for themselves. Everyone projects what they want onto others, so for women, they want the essence of the womb for everybody.

This is why I say real women bring people together. This is why I say that mothers who break up their families are not true mothers. This is why I don’t want women working jobs and taking up half the workforce. This is why I say feminists hate femininity more than anyone else. As soon as any woman starts demanding anything that isn’t ‘womb-related,’ such as comforting or caring for someone, it subtracts from their femininity, and also subtracts from my respect for them.

So… Any and every time I see a woman who fights her own femininity, it disgusts me. Feminism shouldn’t have ever existed in the first place. Equal rights has always been a humanism issue, not a sex/gender role issue. And women shouldn’t want to be equal to men in the first place. Desiring “equality with men” is inherently misogynistic. Women should find value in their femininity, not find value in how many things they can replace men in. They should want to be their own creatures, proud of the way they naturally are, instead of looking at things men do, then say, “Why can’t I do that?”

Women, why do you even want to be strong in the first place? (They don’t really want to, but they keep thinking they do.) Why do most women in the 21st Century believe that being great means doing man-things, like going into space, and being president, and being a soldier?

Women, literally everyone alive comes from your bodies. Be proud of that.

Women, the places we all call home is better when you’re always there, being the heart of the home, and men will never be better suited at that than you. Be proud of that.

Speaking of the home… Isn’t the reason we work to be able to have a home to come back to? Isn’t the reason we fight wars to be able to have a home to come back to? My point is: There is nothing more important, to all of us, than the place we call home. Home is the little piece of this planet we call ours, where we should feel safe, at peace, and happy. It should be where everything we love can be found, like our children, our spouse, our hobbies, our favorite activities, etc.

You know why I want women in the home, and not out trying to run the world or replace the roles of men in the world? There are a few reasons, but certainly at the top of the list is: Because everyone needs a place to truly call home, and for their home to be womblike. I ask you: Which half of the population is far, far better suited for that? Women.

If the home isn’t safe, or peaceful, or if it doesn’t make you any happier, then it’s not a home.

Back in “the old days,” women didn’t stay at home making meals for their husbands and kids because of misogyny. That’s a whiny, childish, and especially false and stupid way of looking at it. Women did that in “the old days” because it’s what made them happier, and it’s what made everyone happier. Fuck being a CEO, fuck being an astronaut, fuck being a soldier. If the home isn’t womblike, then it’s not a home in the first place. No riches, no glory, and no achievement is worth a damn if we don’t have a good home to come back to.

You know why most women (before WWII) spent most of their time taking care of their homes, instead of trying to split their time between both a job and homemaking? Because homemaking isn’t as easy as it sounds in the first place. The more human beings divide their time and attention, the less potential they have to do all the things they split their time between. It’s also yet another reason I believe in the nuclear family so strongly: Humans have a finite amount of time, energy, and durability. Dividing tasks between which person is best suited for certain tasks, is far more effective than foolishly believing everyone can do everything all the time. It’s a lot less stressful, and it produces much better results in the first place, when people do what they are best at, and leave the things they’re not so good at to the more-capable members of the house.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing, scheduling appointments, going to those appointments, running errands… Yeah, try doing all of those necessary tasks every single day while also … Working, driving to and from work, fixing broken things you own, repairing damaged parts of the house, and improving parts of the house. If you think you can do all of that, every single day, by yourself, congratulations on being a machine. Still got time to hang out with the people you love? Still have the energy for it? Do you also have time to mentally work on how to improve your relationship with your spouse, or your parents, or your siblings, or all the above? Even if you can do all these things, and all the things I didn’t list, you are guaranteed to be miserable, because these things are too much for just one person.

No one can do everything themselves, and no one can be the best at everything life requires. That’s the bottom line. Men are better at tasks, women are better at caretaking.

Rhetorical questions aside, we need to start putting “womb” back in “women.” (Yes, I know “woman” doesn’t have the letter b. I’m speaking figuratively.) Our world always has, and always will be, a dangerous and difficult place for us all. We all need that peace and comfort that only women can give us. Man or woman, boy or girl, we ALL need this. We work so that we have a home to go back to. We fight so that we have a home to go back to. We suffer so that we have a home to go back to.

It doesn’t help when women break up their families so easily. It doesn’t help when both parents are stressed out from a job. It doesn’t help when we live in a society that stupidly believes neither sex is better at anything, or that women are better at everything and therefore should replace men in everything. None of this shit helps. It’s stupid, it’s counterproductive.

Women, you can’t replace us, and you shouldn’t want to. We can’t replace you, either, and at least we don’t try to. We are the brain and the muscle, you are the womb. What you are better suited for is just as important, if not even more important, than all the things men do. You’re the ones who are meant to give us life (not just at birth), and we are the ones meant to protect you and provide for you while you do it.

People don’t live just to be able to fight wars, or build ships, or stop fires. We do those things because we have to. Whatever the task, whatever the job, whatever the duty, we do these things because we have to, but these things are not why we live in the first place. What we all want deep down is to be at peace. Women, we need you for that. Men are built to make it possible for you to do what you do. We are meant to keep the home safe. We are meant to make sure there even is a home in the first place. But we need you to make it a home. We need you to make our family … a family.

Where, oh where, is the shame in that?

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