Can Anything Be Infinite?

Whenever I think about things that are considered infinite, I’ve noticed they all fall into one of two categories:

Either they have no physical presence (like numbers), or, they loop.

Count from 1 to 2. Without realizing it, you just counted an infinite amount of numbers. Because when you start at one and you are counting all the way to 2, you have to pass by 1.000001, and 1.000002, and 1.000003, and so on.

You are also passing by 1.00000000000001, and 1.00000000000002, and 1.00000000000003, and so on.

You are also passing by 1.(ten billion zeros)1 and 1.(ten billion zeros)2, and 1.(ten billion zeros)3, and so on.

Point is, you can always add another 0. When you count from 1 to 2, you are passing through an infinite amount of numbers before you finally land on 2. But that just begs the question: If you are passing through infinity, how can you actually finally land on 2?

I’m not just talking numbers here, I’m also talking time itself. You can count from 1 second to 2 seconds, but in between them are milliseconds, and microseconds, and nanoseconds, and so on. You can always divide a single second down more, even far beyond a nanosecond, into infinity…. But you still eventually count to 2.

Also, when I think about numbers themselves, and how numbers technically go on forever, I realize that these infinite numbers … all exist. A number line isn’t something that’s still growing. Number’s aren’t like road trips where you eventually get to where you’re going. No, they all exist. All of the numbers. All infinity of them. It may be difficult to calculate the quintillion-quintillion-quintillionth digit of pi, but that’s just a matter of figuring out what it is, not “bringing the number into existence” or something. It’s already there.

So, there is no end to infinity, but 100% of infinity already exists.

Yeah, I can’t wrap my head around it, either.

Then, there’s the other kind of infinity, which is a loop. These are the only true infinities that have a physical presence in the universe. Circles and circular motions. Technically, any closed object is infinite if you keep spinning around it. So, if the only physical objects that can infinite are … not really infinite, it all once again begs the question: Can anything be infinite?

A long time ago, I watched a video about the speed of light. The video explains how the speed of light – the cosmic speed limit – is basically about how it’s possible for matter to exist in the first place. So, for things to exist in the first place, and for causality itself to exist … can anything be infinite?

I don’t have an answer or an opinion here. I’m undecided about this.