I’ve taken a look at my life right now, and I noticed something that I haven’t seen in a long, long time…

Life is pretty good right now.

Between having my daughter 4 days a week, the wonderful people I have in my life, the people in the process of coming into my life, and the summerlike weather, life is pretty good right now (that is, for having a parasitic ex-wife who isn’t a true mother). Of course, now that I point that out, I have to prepare for the jinx to take effect.

And yet, despite this, I’m still watching the world fall apart around me. While we worry about what person hurt everybody’s feelings this week, the Democratic party is blatantly acquiring more power for itself, and China continues to grow more powerful (laughing at how pathetic the US is becoming in real time).

When I talk about the subject of real men and real women, this is the kind of shit I wish wasn’t true: I’m a man, which means I can never be comfortable. If I see something wrong, I am instinctually compelled to act. Whether it’s seeing a car crash, saving my baby from drowning in a river, or stupid ideas that are causing my country to become vulnerable to fascist China, I have to do something. Men are happy to act when we have to, but it’s unfortunate that men aren’t really allowed to be comfortable, because there’s always something that needs fixing, in the immediate and long-term.

I’m honestly torn right now, between choosing to get more active in the hellscape our country is devolving into, or just continuing to mind my own business. This should be a no-brainer, really. There needs to be a safe and free world for my baby girl to grow up and enjoy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about fate and destiny lately. I don’t believe in these things, at least in the sense that some higher consciousness has a plan for my life, but still, I can’t help but notice the coincidence between my personality, and my difficult upbringing that molded me into the strong, blunt, analytical person I am now. Maybe it’s coincidence, or maybe the universe itself shaped me to help balance the things in the world tipping the scale right now.

What’s caused me to think about this lately? Some younger peoples I work with. There’s one guy in particular, who keeps asking me questions about my views on things. He’s 11 years younger than me, just starting out his adult years, and he apparently values my insight and wisdom. From the feminist dogma bullshit being shoved down his throat at college, to the dark events of my past that I endured without letting the darkness consume me, he seems intrigued by all of it. And he’s not the only one I know who’s interested in the things I have to say about … well, anything.

It’s making me think my thoughts really have more value than I ever assumed before. After all, my blog’s views in 2021 have been skyrocketing. It’s only April, and my views are just an inch away from surpassing the entirety of any previous year since I started this blog.

Maybe people are desperate for some wisdom these days. It’s quite a lot of pressure to truly learn what the fuck I’m talking about. I’m a father, so it’s not like I didn’t feel this pressure, or plenty of it, already.

I know some people who keep tabs on my blog will scoff at what I’m saying, but after hearing/reading their perspectives on serious subjects … well, let’s just say I already wrote a blog post about all that.

I haven’t firmly decided my next step in this regard. Still thinking about it. Just thought I’d write this post to let my audience know what I’m thinking about (and to give them some content since I haven’t posted anything in about a week).