Err’body’s making their own Pluses these days. We have Disney+ and Apple TV+ and Discovery+ and ….. Paramount+?

Well, I have decided to join the trend, and join Paramount in the Nobody Cares Club by creating my own Plus. And it won’t even have streaming! It shall bear the super-original name of ThinkingMichael+. For posts, it will be abbreviated as TM+. (So, if you see a post with “TM+” in the title, it means you can’t view it unless you’re subscribed.) Basically, TM+ will just be what I call my subscription-only stuff. Nothing more than that. I’m just over-fancifying all of it for funsies.

Okay, so what will be on TM+, you might ask? My personal diaries, books, fan fictions, and inarticulate thoughts.

Oh look, I made a logo. Because why not?

It took me four whole minutes to come up with that logo. Four …… whole ….. minutes, people! You won’t believe how hard it is to come up with the idea of putting the letters T and M together…. The featured image for this post took me an additional five. Yes, five whole minutes. I’ll never fully recover.

I may as well announce something cool that probably won’t be exclusive to TM+ … Something cool I think all my regular readers can enjoy…

All my future posts will additionally be in audio form! Yeah, thanks to the magic of AI, which actually sounds mostly seamless, I can convert all my posts into audio for my regulars to listen to, if they don’t feel like reading. These audio versions will also be available on my YouTube channel, which will be resurrected from the dead for the third time. So, stay tuned, all. I’m gonna have fun with this ridiculousness.