A Bad Father?

Listen to this audio…

Listen to my ex-wife’s voice. Just soak in that voice and speech pattern…..

That is the audio of my divorce trial. The whole trial was hours long, so I trimmed it down for this post to 3 minutes. I will swear by penalty of perjury that the only editing I did was muting names, increasing the volume, and cutting only to the parts I want everyone to hear (with cuts at the 0:34, 1:03, 1:11, 2:14, and 2:44 marks). It’s all in chronological order, too. The whole audio is public record if anyone wants listen to the whole trial from start to finish, just in case they think I used wizardry to change anyone’s words.

Trust me, there’s far more I could show. Maybe I will in the future.

You heard in this audio how my ex-wife declared before trial that there was no abuse, but then claimed there was abuse during the trial. You heard in this audio how my ex-wife was found to not be a credible witness (ergo, a liar). And you heard in this audio (this is the part she’s too stupid to remember) how our judge quoted her own words, TWICE, while explaining why she gave the judgment she gave. Lastly, you heard how the judge was deeply concerned my ex-wife would gradually push me out of our daughter’s childhood if I wasn’t given enough parenting time.

Oh, and you also could tell our judge was a woman, so, good luck claiming patriarchal bias.

Now, I want to jump to something recently. The night before I wrote this post, my ex-wife called me a bad father. Hence the title of this post. (Apparently it’s completely okay when she says things like that, but God forbid I express what I think of her…)

To be exact, we had a ‘conversation’ (for lack of a better word) about how I want our daughter to have siblings. My ex-wife arrogantly expressed how she doesn’t think any child needs siblings. I told her to read something academic for once, instead of only ever reading YA novels, so that she could educate herself out of her profound ignorance.

(Here’s the important part.) I texted her a bit later, after leaving, and expressed how it amazes me that she doesn’t think our daughter needs her father, or siblings, she only needs her mother. The point being that my ex-wife thinks she’s so amazing in every way that she doesn’t believe our daughter needs anyone except her.

Typical of shit mothers like her, and my own bio-mother.

She texted back saying that no, our daughter needs a good father. Obviously implying that she fought and fought to throw me out of our daughter’s life because I’m not a good father.

Now that you’ve heard the audio I provided, you know that’s a despicable lie. The audio clearly shows: No, she thoroughly expressed how she believes it does not matter how often our daughter sees me, even if I’m a good father. She clearly stated that it does not matter if I’m around or not, regardless of my parenting quality. She made a point of: As long as he’s a good father, it won’t affect anything if she barely ever sees him.

Sorry, readers, but my god what an absolute scumfuck. NOT ONLY did she try to deprive our daughter of her father and try to separate me from my daughter… NOT ONLY did she say fathers don’t need to be in any child’s life… BUT SHE ALSO CHOOSES TO LIE ABOUT HER INTENTIONS, UP TO THIS VERY DAY. She is now pretending that her motivation from the beginning was to protect our daughter from a bad father, when that was not her motivation at all. It was to have our child all to herself, period. It was to make sure our daughter was attached only to Mommy while reducing Daddy to an acquaintance, a visitor, and a nobody in her life.

Fucking sociopath. Planet Earth does not benefit whatsoever from her existence, apart from spreading her legs for guys who want 5 minutes of fun. I have no doubt I was the last man she will ever sleep with who genuinely loved her. I can’t imagine any man with half a brain could possibly have true love for this slimy shit. A small part of me still does love her, despite now knowing exactly what she is.


I can’t help but notice countless things that my ex-wife does, and doesn’t do, for someone who believes I’m a bad father. First and foremost: She never, literally never, checks up on our daughter while our daughter’s with me. If I was a bad father, you’d think she’d be concerned, just a little concerned, to ask me if things are okay. But no, not once has she ever done that. I repeat: Not once. And this is despite the fact I made a colossal caretaking mistake toward the beginning of our separation. So, either she doesn’t give a shit about the wellbeing of her daughter, or she knows deep down our daughter is safe with me and only feigns believing I’m terrible for attention and leverage.

There are a lot more examples I could use that virtually prove my ex-wife knows I’m a good father, but I’ll save those examples for when I’m going to need them.

To truly drive this home, I’m going to tell a little story. This little story is what inspired me to write this post at all.

For the last few weeks, I’ve vaguely noticed a behavioral pattern with my daughter. In the back of my mind, I noticed that she doesn’t really care about playing with other kids when she’s surrounded by other kids. Whether they are her age, younger, or older, she hardly pays attention to them. I was the same way when I was little, and it deeply concerned my older sister. I wasn’t unhappy, I just didn’t care much about playing with other kids, unless they were my siblings/foster-siblings.

Today, I chose to fully pay attention to this for once, just out of curiosity. My daughter and I were at a park, and this time, she outright (yes, outright) avoided other kids and either wanted to play alone, or play with me at this park. Sometimes, she’d run over to me, grab my hand and lead me over to where she wants to play (which is a first).

Then it hit me, hard. The coincidence of this almost seemed like divine intervention (given what her mother and I clashed about less than a day before). It hit me that: My daughter would not do this, at all, if I was a terrible father.

If I was a bad father, she’d avoid me while we were in public, especially if she could distract herself, or even hide herself, among other kids. (No, I’m not saying those are the only reasons kids play with other kids when their parents are around. Just saying this could be the case if my daughter wanted to avoid me.) But instead, she consciously avoids the other kids and prefers to play with me; just me.

Part of me was actually concerned by this, because I want her to be able to interact okay with other kids. But my concern was relieved when this young woman covered in tattoos and terrible makeup walked over to some nearby bleachers and sat alone, and my daughter tried to go sit next to her. It was funny and cute: She wanted to sit next to this girl, but was also very shy, and kept her distance by about three feet. I started talking to this girl, and we talked about our kids (even though her son wasn’t with her at the moment; she was just there to sit and enjoy the sunshine alone).

All of this observation shows me that my daughter is comfortable with me, and not just that, but prefers to only be around people she’s comfortable with. She doesn’t care much for other kids, and she also (thank God) doesn’t care for other grown men; just Daddy.

Now, I’ve pointed this out before, but I will point it all out again…

How can my ex-wife possibly be so much of a dumbfuck that she doesn’t notice:

  • I’ve never used narcotics/opiates
  • I’ve never been a drinker
  • I’ve never been a smoker
  • I’ve never been a pothead
  • I’ve never been a gambler
  • I’ve never been a thief (except one time in 4th grade)
  • I’ve never been arrested
  • I’ve never been jailed or imprisoned
  • I’ve never purposefully inflicted physical harm on anyone

And while I’m at it, I may as well point out that I can’t remember a single time I’ve ever even raised my voice at someone in anger or impatience. I’m a quiet guy, and I have been my whole life, even as a toddler. Even my ex-wife has admitted this. I tried to have a conversation with her back in November 2020, and she tried to weasel her way around this fact when trying to say I was an abusive husband. She resorted to saying, “You yelled at me in your own way.” How asinine. She should have just outright lied like she does all the time anyway.

My overall point with everything I’ve said so far is simply this: There is a mountain of evidence that 1), I’m a good person, and 2), most importantly, how committed of a father I am. Both of these things are undeniable at this point. Undeniable.

Her one and only victory in all of this is preventing us from having joint custody and acquiring sole custody for herself. I forgot to include in the audio our judge explaining: In our state, if one parent doesn’t want joint custody, then someone has to get sole custody. And since at the time, my ex-wife took care of our daughter the most (she was still breastfeeding at the time), she got awarded sole custody. You know what my ex-wife gets with sole custody? A percentage of my paychecks. She also gets hefty tax refunds, while I have to pay extra each year in taxes. It’s deeply financially crippling. At the very least, we should both get tax relief for taking care of our daughter because we both take care of her. Especially when I start having her 4 days a week.

I won’t stand for this for much longer. I have decided. My ex-wife can stop being a piece of shit and choose to work together as parents should, or I’m going to attempt to put an end to this financial bloodsucking. But since being a moron and being a parasite comes naturally to her, I know this nonsense won’t improve unless I start pushing back. I’ve only stood my ground thus far these past 2 years, but soon I will have to start pushing back.

Despite all those months, being barely able to function, certain that divorce court would result in a devastating loss… Despite the fact that I have chosen to live alone (at tremendous financial loss) so that my daughter can have her own space without worrying about some roommate of mine… Despite the fact that most fathers, no matter how much they love their kids, would have buckled under all this stress by now… I never gave up.

I. Never. Gave. Up.

Try denying the facts I’ve given in this post. Facts, not opinions. These facts are undeniable. This is why I collect evidence every chance I get. I still record when my ex-wife and I are exchanging our daughter, and I will until our baby is 18. I make sure there is an overabundance of evidence because it proves what a piece of shit my daughter’s mother is.

A fact our daughter will learn on her own, most likely before she’s even an adult. Kids always figure it out. I grew up with broken kids from broken families. Kids ALWAYS figure it out, including a momma’s boy like I was.

Shit mothers never change. Good fathers always triumph. It only takes time and never giving up.