What Most Criminals Have in Common

Time to vent some anger……

Whether they are male OR female, you wanna know what most criminals have in common? From gang members to mass shooters… Even less-severe lawbreakers like drug abusers… Or hell, even include degenerates who aren’t criminals, like whores, from escorts to OnlyFans thots… You wanna know what the vast majority of them have in common???


And when I say they don’t have a father, I’m not saying they were immaculately conceived; that is impossible. What I am saying is: Their father was never around, or he wasn’t around enough, or he was an alcoholic who spent most of his time drinking his sorrows away, or he was a little rapey at times, or their piece-of-shit mother did everything in her power to keep their father out of his kids’ lives, which very often results in the father committing suicide.

Whatever the fucking circumstance, kids growing up without a father does irreparable, IRREPARABLE, damage.

I’m talking 90+ percentage of violent offenders, don’t grow up with a father. Of those remaining less-than-10%, even for the non-violent ones, who actually did have a father in the home, I would be willing to bet every dollar I have that their father didn’t teach them anything worth a damn. As in, he never sat them down regularly to just ask them how they’re doing, or sat them down to impart some wisdom, or invited them to hang out with him for the day or for the weekend.

A guy I used to do business with, one day he posted on social media that he was driving to southern California with just his daughter. He has a wife, and he has other kids, but he decided to go on a long road trip to hang out with just one of his precious children. From what I could observe, he seemed to be that way toward all of his kids. Now THAT is a father! He takes time out for each one, and he takes time out for everybody together.

But what do you see from most families these days? You hardly see families together at all. Because women are no longer women, they’re entitled, bratty, smug, self-absorbed girls who always have at least one simp at their disposal to guarantee they never grow up. Women split up families FAR more often than men, and why wouldn’t they? The government guarantees them free money, both from taxpayers and from the father of the kids who doesn’t deserve to have a leech in his neck in the first place.

Women have MORE INCENTIVE THAN EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY to abandon the idea of making a family, all because they’re drawn to the green. Easy green.

Look at my blog. Take a look around. Yes, this subject is damn important to me, because HAVING A PROPER FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A PERSON CAN HAVE, AND WE ARE FREELY ALLOWING STUPID GIRLS TO RUIN THAT. You wanna know why this subject is important to me? THAT’S fucking why!

It’s not that men don’t care about their kids, and it most certainly is not that men don’t want to stay with their partners. Yes, scumbags like that exist out there, but I am completely confident – completely confident – that most men want to keep their women forever, and want to keep their kids forever, whether they’re good at the parenting thing or not. And besides, when society makes it crystal clear to men that it’s a bad idea to get married and have kids, because that bitch is just going to use your kids against you ….. it incentivizes men to not grow into true men, too.

Every male adult in Switzerland owns a gun, because they are required to join the military, which issues each and every one of them a rifle. But the Swiss don’t have a mass shooting problem like America has. Nor do they have a gang problem like America has. In fact, I can’t think of any other country on Earth, maybe including fucking Canada, that has a mass shooting problem, or gang problem, like America has.

Does any other country have a broken-family problem like America????

Every criminal has their own personal motivations, I’m not denying that. But it’s a fact – a fucking fact – that most mass shooters, and just criminals in general, did not have a father around, or they had a father who may as well have not been around. Kids, male and female, need to be guided, and they need to grow up seeing what strength looks like.

For boys, they need to grow up seeing that strength is sacrifice for your loved ones, strength is never giving up, strength is being generous, strength is being loyal.

For girls, they need to grow up seeing that strength is loyalty as well, and it is dignity (as in, NOT whoring themselves online or on the street), and they need to see in their fathers what kind of man they should seek out when they grow up. America has more female prisoners than any other country as well. Wanna guess how many of THEM grew up with proper father figures? Take a wild fucking guess.

The solution is NOT gun control, for a giant plethora of reasons. THE SOLUTION IS PRIORITIZING THE FAMILY UNIT!!!!

Editing note: This is my reaction, to the reaction, to the Boulder, Colorado shooting that claimed 10 lives. I failed to remember mentioning that at the beginning. Guns themselves are not the problem and I’m sick of hearing that horse shit. Societal problems almost always boil down to how intact its families and communities are.

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  1. GREAT POST!! I can sense the passion you put behind writing this! Fathers are indeed VITAL in growth. Then all else falls into place.


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