The Vanguard

Someone’s gotta do it.

I talk a lot about how the worst of women’s nature has been getting the best of them in recent years, and how men have basically just sat back and allowed it. But what I haven’t talked about is one of the worst aspects about the nature of men which has paved the way for society’s downfall: We don’t stand up for ourselves.

It’s not just part of our nature to absorb pain – physical and emotional – but it is also necessary. We must be strong for those we love who are not. But when society has become over-feminized, when women are trying en masse to replace men, and when society has never really cared about the well-being of men in the first place… It’s a damn-near impossible place to rise up from.

If we don’t stand up for ourselves and take back our rightful role in society, everything will get worse for us, women, and our children.

China is overtaking America as the world’s greatest superpower. Why? Because lately we’ve become stupidly focused on trying to out-woke each other, and apologizing for bullshit, and caring more about feelings than facts. Women have downgraded into entitled, whiny girls, and men have downgraded into boys who put themselves beneath women.

This is unacceptable, and it’s dangerous. Men are supposed to be better than women. We are meant to serve them, not be subservient to them. Serving means being the backbone of the family, sacrificing our time and our lives, protecting, providing, and fighting their battles for them.

Want to see what happens when women control society? Just look around you right now. Women overwhelmingly destroy their own families just to get free money from the government and from men who deserve to be in their children’s lives. We hated our last president simply because he wrote mean tweets. We have to cancel everything that is offensive toward people who don’t give a shit in the first place. We have demonized half the population (men) simply because of their natural inclinations. We have to pretend that people born male can become female, and vice-versa, through feelings alone. Point is, we are becoming weaker, and it’s not getting better. There’s a reason women have never run the world, and never should.

There’s only one way to reverse this damage. There’s only one way to stop fascist China from bringing the whole world under its heel. Men need to be men again. But how do we do this? Well, we have to start defending ourselves. We have to start respecting masculinity as the necessary nature it is.

This war needs a vanguard. So far, the vanguard is quite small in number. Like I said, it’s not just within men’s nature to stand up for themselves, even now, as most of us are pressured or coerced to submit to the whims and wishes of feelings and sensitivity. Part of the problem for the vanguard in this war on masculinity is: When men stand up for themselves, they are mocked and scoffed at.

Well, this is an instance when we shouldn’t give a shit. It’s more important for men to do what is necessary for everyone than to avoid doing something for how it would appear. Fuck appearances. Anyone who ignores how poorly men are being treated is a colossal piece of shit anyway.

Kids need their father. Kids should grow up in one household, with both of their ACTUAL parents. Women should depend on their husband, NOT the government. Women should get out of the work force (when the work force was doubled, the value of labor was cut in half; that’s why households can’t survive on one income anymore; it’s basic economics).

None of these necessary steps will take place until men start being men again. But men won’t be men again unless awareness starts being raised. Yes, I know, there’s awareness for everything under the sun these days, but this matter is of paramount importance. This issue is vastly more important than fucking wokeness and all of its subsets.

Like Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, who kept his honor at the cost of appearing like he lost his honor … the vanguard of this war needs to do the same. It looks bad for men to stand up for themselves, but we need to stop giving a shit and just do it, for the sake of our purpose as men.