“Man Up and Shut Up”

There’s an ‘insult’ that I’ve heard a few times online when I see people criticizing feminism, or women in general. The insult often includes calling these guys “little boys” or telling them to man up by shutting up. Personally, I absolutely LOVE hearing this.

I love hearing this because what these people mean when they say it is: “Men need to cut off their balls, shut their mouth, and submit themselves to the emotional whims of women, and have no opinions of their own, and be nothing more than helpless lap dogs who are at the complete mercy of whatever women want.”

In their eyes, the only way to be a man is to … be the complete opposite of a man.

It just goes back to what I’ve been saying for a long time: The Left gets everything ass-backwards. The Left can’t make anything they want happen without redefining and/or stretching words and terms (like ‘racism’ or even ‘socialism’). They are children who don’t understand anything about human nature.

You’re not a man if you think serving women means putting yourself beneath them. Being weak is not being a man, it is, in fact, the least manly thing you can be.

The hilarious truth behind men who think this way is: They think this way because they believe they have to think this way, to score points with women in general, or with their partner. To those particular guys out there, I have a weird truth for you: I, nor any other man I’ve ever known, who isn’t afraid to be honest and firm with women, have never had trouble getting laid. And as I’ve said on this blog before, any man who puts so much value in getting laid isn’t a real man anyway. Yep, it’s all connected. Biology makes women FAR more attracted to strong men, not subservient men. A weak man is a useless man. A girl’s politics can’t overcome her biology. Even the staunchest feminist knows (but will never admit) that women are not strong creatures, which is why they are most attracted to men with physical and mental strength.

Being a man means you protect and provide for those you love. It means serving. Serving doesn’t mean being a helpless puppy, serving means being honest, being realistic, and speaking the truth. This is why any time I hear another male try to scoff at those being realistic about women makes me pity the guy. Men who have allowed themselves to be emasculated by the Left have a lifetime of misery ahead of them, for countless reasons.

Being a man also means making hard decisions for those they love, particularly the females in their life, because most of the time, women can’t make hard decisions for themselves. They are too often overly-concerned with what makes them feel safe and comfortable, and they can almost never see beyond that constant need. They sacrifice logic and facts and always give in to their feelings. They are not thinking creatures, they are feeling creatures. So, is it manly to be honest about women? Yes, it most certainly is. Because they can’t be honest with themselves. (Most of them.) They step on other women who they see as rivals, they destroy the lives of their children, and they destroy the lives of the men who loved them. And it’s all for the sake of feeling secure.

Because telling men to man up … by shutting up … is emotional. It is not rational. It is the language of entitled women (and desperate-to-get-laid male feminists) who don’t have a fucking clue what they are talking about.

Feminists, telling a man to ‘man up’ by becoming the exact opposite of a man … is just plain stupid.

Because who do you call when there’s a down powerline, or sewage floods your street, or you have to put snow chains on your tires ……. or when you think there’s an intruder in your home, or when your car breaks down in the middle of the road while you’re driving at night or through mountains or through a desert?

Ladies, do you really want men to say, “Eh, you got this,” in those kinds of situations? We all know the answer to that.

In conclusion … Being realistic about women is one of the manliest things a man can do. Because when you overestimate what women can do, or even want to do, you end up putting far more stress and burdens on women when such things should be on the shoulders of us men, instead. You don’t “man up” by becoming less of a man, idiot feminists.

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  1. Very beautifully written! Reminds me of this lib chick who told this guy that “he’s not a man” for not allowing his female relatives to control him.


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