Most Men Are Guardians

The hashtag NotAllMen has resurfaced once again. And once again, the Left has jumped to all the wrong conclusions.

A woman named Sarah Everard tragically disappeared and was murdered this month, with her remains found some 50 miles from where she was last seen. Dental records confirm the remains were hers.

As always, idiots are reacting to this as if all men are the problem. One British politician is seriously proposing a 6pm curfew for all men. The mayor of London outright said that the streets of his city are not safe at night for women…

Okay, okay, for the love of God, I’m going to tackle this entire general subject right now, to cover past instances like this, and future ones…

For every man who has or would assault/kidnap an innocent woman, there are thousands of men who’d never dream of it. To say every man would do this, or even half of all men, or a quarter, or a tenth, is false and asinine.

Here is the number-one thing idiots always forget: Predators will always be predators. It doesn’t matter if you implement a curfew for all men, it doesn’t matter if force men to inject some kind of reverse-steroid in them that makes their muscles weaker. Predators will always be predators, period. They will always find a way, period.

Let’s take another example from London itself: Knife and acid attacks. Seriously, go look this up right now. I don’t know what laws the UK has regarding firearms, and it doesn’t really matter, because knife attacks and acid attacks are very common there. It proves that you don’t need guns to have widespread violence. Here in America, the retarded Democratic Party has wanted to take away all guns from citizens for decades, and London is a shining example of how that wouldn’t fix a damned thing. Stabbings are everywhere, acid attacks are everywhere.

This is the real world. You can’t mommy your way out of reality.

You can’t be a mommy by taking away the rights of men until they all promise to be good boys. You can’t be a mommy and take away all the guns until everyone promises to behave from now on. It. Doesn’t. Work. Not a single predator, or murderer, looks at the law and goes, “Oh! My bad! I totally thought it was okay to do this stuff!”

Stop vilifying men. That is how you make the problem even worse, not better.

And by the way, men get attacked and murdered more often than women. Just because rape usually isn’t involved, that doesn’t mean the world is a safer place for men. It isn’t.

Yes, women are smaller and weaker than men. So, instead of vilifying men, why don’t you embrace the fact men are bigger and always make sure to ask a man to walk you to your car? I’ve been asked several times in my adult years by girls to walk them to their car.

And yes, this even relates to marriages and relationships in general. The danger women face, simply because they are smaller than men, should be incentive for each and every one of them to find a man and stick with him. There are hundreds of others reasons too, but I’m focusing on this one right now.

My first love and teenage sweetheart, Lisa, used to walk down pitch-black alleyways when she was with me just for the fun of it, because she knew she was safer with me. She admitted she wouldn’t dare do that if she was alone. So, bringing me with her into dark alleys was her own version, as a woman, of doing something life-threatening while being completely safe, so, she figured, why not? She was turned on by danger.

But I bring that up to emphasize the fact that … just because you know you live, every single day, knowing you are physically disadvantaged, that doesn’t mean you have to let it weigh you down. Lisa made it fun, and many other girls I’ve known simply ask me to escort them to their car. Back in Spring 2016, I had just started going on a night walk by myself (which is one of my favorite hobbies), and a girl who was walking home by herself came up to me and asked if she could use my phone to get a ride. While she was using my phone, I offered to go get my car and just drive her myself. (I let her make that call first so that the person she called had my name and number, so that she felt safer, since I was technically a stranger.) One girl, during a time when I didn’t have my own car, asked me to remain with her until she got on the bus. Back in 2013, a friend asked me to stay with her at her apartment overnight because her roommate wouldn’t get back until tomorrow.

THIS is the solution to this literally-age-old problem for women. Just keep the right male company, and you’ll be fine. The solution is NOT to vilify, try to emasculate, or reject the men in your life, or in your whole country. There are far more good men than bad ones, so don’t treat the good ones like the bad ones. It’s stupid, it’s counterproductive.

In conclusion, I just want to say: Women already understand what I’ve explained here on an instinctual level. They know most men are not bad, and they know it’s better to stay close to the good ones. They like it, too. And I don’t mean that in a ‘Lisa’ kind of way. Girls like seeing their boyfriend being strong, sisters like seeing their brothers being strong, and daughters like seeing their fathers being strong. Why do you think little girls like climbing on their daddies so much? This all encourages men to be strong in the first place. You wanna know what most men are like? Most men want to be the strong one their daughters, sisters, and lovers cling to. Most men want to be guardians.

The world always has, and always will be, a dangerous place, for both men and women. So, let men be strong and use it for good, because most of us want to.