The Least-Racist Country in Human History

Every year, I take my political compass, mostly just out of curiosity. I’m not a fan of the questions – most of them are too vague or just outright leading the taker on. The questions were obviously written by a left-winger. But there is one question on the compass test that always stood out to me, possibly more than the rest: It asks if first-generation immigrants can ever be truly integrated in a culture.

My answer is: In America, first-generation immigrants are the MOST American citizens 99% of the time. It is the second-, third-, and fourth-generations that are less American, because odds are they were born with easier lives after all their first-generation’s hard work. Because America was founded on ideals, not ethnicity, which every other nation in the world was founded on.

This is why it grinds my gears when I hear stupid leftists (most of whom are very young, no coincidence) say that America was founded on racism. They’re always such spoiled, entitled children who don’t have their emotions under control. I’ve heard leftists say that white people founded slavery (not remotely true) or that white people had slavery the longest (also not remotely true). America was founded on the idea of telling the government to go fuck itself, leave its citizens the fuck alone, and let communities take care of themselves. Seriously, the only thing the Federal government is good for is fighting wars, guarding the national border, and enforcing cross-state law violations. The Federal government is not your sugar daddy.

When first-generation immigrants make the journey to America, they are choosing to spend the rest of their lives here, and establish their future generations here, because of the ideals of this country. It has fuck-all to do with race. The fact that 70% of the country is white is a coincidence, it is not by design. And notice that leftists never complain that India is almost entirely Indian, or that Japan is almost entirely Japanese, or that Saudi Arabia is almost entirely Arabic. Nope, somehow it never bothers leftists that most countries, in the history of the entire world, have been primarily composed of the ethnic race their country was named after.

But there is no ‘American race.’ No one is ethnically American. Being American is purely, 100%, a nationality. We were founded on principles.

If you think America was founded on white supremacy, look into the history of the Irish and how they were treated here, once upon a time. Or ask … oh, I don’t know … GERMANS how they were treated by America and the UK during both World Wars.

As I said in a previous post, I come from a multi-racial background. My paternal grandparents were interracial – Chinese and Black – and they raised their kids to be pretty damn conservative. Hell, even when you look at my mother’s side, even though they’re all White, they were immigrants as well, from Germany and England. Hmmmm, I just can’t help but wonder why white people from white countries would prefer to immigrate to America?….. Hmmmm. I just can’t put my thumb on it…..

What about police discrimination against blacks? There is none. The facts don’t back that up. That is a mainstream media narrative and nothing more.

What about ICE and the border wall? Every country has a border, and every country defends that border. Name me a country (that hasn’t gone full woke) that does not have some kind of vetting process for becoming a citizen.

Would you want random people to come in and out of a daycare, or would you want that daycare secure? Would you allow anybody to use your car however they want, whenever they want? Would you keep the doors of your house/apartment unlocked at night? Would you remove the doors of your home, and the walls too? The answer to these questions is obviously no. Why should a nation be any different? A nation is where everything you value and love is, especially your family and close friends. Having an unsecure border is like having no walls outside your house, or even inside. It’s not your house if you have no walls, or doors, or locks on those doors. Why should you have to share your house with complete strangers, regardless if they’re good people or not? (And by the way, in case your parents didn’t teach you this: Not all strangers are safe.)

The connections between homes and nations is countless. I could go on for a very long time.

It’s not immigrants the Right has a problem with. It’s illegal immigrants. Anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with having an open border has never been responsible for anything, ever.

And not that this entirely relevant to the subject of the post, but I have to say this anyway: Separating children at the border is ABSOLUTELY necessary and a good thing. Just because an adult, male or female, shows up at the border with some kids, in no way does that prove the kids belong to those adults and/or has pure intentions with that child. Leftists never think people can have bad intentions, which is such a childish way of looking at the world. The world is not paradise, the world is not a fairy tale. Just because someone shows up at the border does not mean they have the best intentions. Even if they do, that still doesn’t mean their customs and beliefs line up with ours. Nobody is beyond questioning or suspicion simply because they show up somewhere with a kid in their arms. If that was the standard for going wherever you want, doing whatever you want, or even saying whatever you want, that would put every child in danger, because who knows what adult will come along and use them for a free pass.

Then, there’s my personal favorite example of leftist dumbfuckery: Slavery. How conveniently they forget that slavery ended 156 years ago (158 if you count the Emancipation Proclamation). And I already explained in a previous post how it doesn’t matter how oppressed your ancestors used to be, and that if you are not oppressed now, you have no excuse for not getting your life together and making a future for yourself and your descendants. Seriously, leftists, slavery has been gone for over one-and-a-half centuries. Jim Crow still ended before most of you were even born. Grow up.

America had slavery because Britain had slavery. (We kinda used to be a British colony.) And Britain had slavery because everyone else had slavery, including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Who do leftists believe sold America the slaves it bought? I’ll give you a clue: They’re from the same place as the slaves themselves.

Slavery was the norm 200+ years ago, not the outlier. Abolishing slavery was the outlier. When America was founded, under the principle that all men are created equal, slavery was the big elephant in the room, because human beings on such a large scale had never thought of abolishing it yet. Nobody, in any part of the world. America had to figure out how to live without a system it always had. A lot of people had a hard time adopting such radical change in such a short period of time, including slaves themselves. (More on that in a bit.) That “3/5-of-a-person” rule for Blacks was a compromise between Founding Fathers who wanted slavery abolished immediately and those who didn’t. So, when America was founded with the principle that all men are created equal, we had to figure out how to do that. Yes, it was inevitably, inevitably going to take some time.

We ended up killing each other by the hundreds of thousands in order to end slavery. THAT is all the reparations required for slavery.

Our Founding Fathers were educated, and most of them hated slavery. But the average joe wasn’t as educated or enlightened. The average citizen back then thought of slaves as property, just like every other place on earth thought of its slaves. So, again, I can’t stress enough: The Founding Fathers knew slavery had to go, but abolishing it was a very radical thing that was going to take time.

It’s easy to see history through the lens of today, but if any leftist was born during that time in our past, the vast majority of them would believe no differently than the sheep of the time, just like they are the sheep of today.

Plus, abolishing slavery wasn’t as easy as simply abolishing it. Many, many slaves were fully grown, and many were old. They didn’t know or understand any other kind of life. Easy for a young slave to celebrate freedom, but if you were older and never did anything for yourself, to suddenly have that kind of freedom was actually … dangerous. Would a slave who gets freed in his late-50s understand owning property, filing taxes, or hell, just applying for a job? Would he understand other profitable skills apart from picking cotton? There was a whole lot to learn, and at such a late stage in life. Point is, many slaves (not all, but many) weren’t ready for freedom. They might have been ready after gradual change over 10 years, but certainly not all at once.

My point with that previous paragraph is: There’s a whole lot more nuance to slavery than any leftist could begin to understand. Of course it had to go, but there’s a reason that wasn’t ever going to be easy, for literally anybody. Life itself is not simple.

What other nation in all human history has had people from all points of origin – Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America – flock to it in such massive numbers, for hundreds of years? What other country? Seriously! That’s not what people do with a country that is ethnocentric, or ever was.

America needed improvement, but it’s always been ahead of everyone else when it comes to freedom, and when it comes to acceptance and tolerance. So, yes, I will say that America has always been the least racist country in the world, even when it had slaves. Change my fucking mind.

Seriously, being left-wing and being a child are one and the same.