The Difference Between Girls and Women

There’s a very simple, simple difference between girls and women:

Women bring people together, girls tear people apart.

Seriously, if you want to simplify everything, absolutely everything, that I say on this subject on this blog, there it is. One type of woman brings people together, the other type tears people apart. If you can’t stop gossiping about people for the sake of turning someone against someone else, you’re a girl. If you have no intention of starting a family, or want to wait until later in life to start a family so that you can “have your fun” first, then you’re a girl. If you only get in relationships with boys, who tell you only what you want to hear, obey your every demand, sing your praises, kiss the ground you walk on, and hate all the people you hate, then you are a girl. If you have an OnlyFans account, and/or a sugar daddy, then you are a girl. If there’s anyone out there in the world that you enjoy hating, for any reason, then you’re a girl. If there is anyone, friend, family, or ex, whom you’re on bad terms with and you make absolutely no effort to fix that, then you are a girl. Girls live for themselves, women live for everybody (particularly their family).

This image right here…

Having a complete family like that, having a close family like that – a close family that lasts several generations… Girls can’t make this picture possible for themselves.

Girls create broken families. They make kids with this guy over here and that go over there. They become a leech off taxpayer dollars and off the fathers of their children. They think nothing is ever their fault. This immaturity cascades across generations, because broken families make broken people, who then make more broken families. At some point, someone has to choose to rise above what they came from, but to do such a task is always an uphill battle.

But it always starts with choice.

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