It All Starts With the Mind

When I first started blogging, it was because it’s simply something I have to do. Writers have to write, whether someone reads it or not. But in time, it became something I found important for others. Everything starts with the mind. Everything.

Decisions start in the mind, and decisions derive from what you think. When I post what I’m thinking, I speak as if everything I say is definitively true, but humans can never know with absolute certainty if anything is true. And nobody needs to look that far back at this very blog to see where and when I’ve changed my opinions. I post what I think is true, with the intention that it will start a discussion, or, more importantly, get my readers to think.

I’m not trying to tell you what to think, I’m only encouraging you to think. It’s not for no reason that I call this blog Thinking Michael. I do an excessive amount of thinking, and I try to get you to think as well. That’s why I find it quite unfortunate that the only comments I ever get are people completely agreeing with me, or childish outrage that I said something offensive. Never anyone who considers my opinion and challenges it, or tries to give me something new to add to my thoughts.

Regardless, it all starts with the mind. I find my blogging important, yes, and I see my blogging as important because it’s important to think. Too much in the world either makes demands of what people ought to think, or influences people not to think at all. Social media is the greatest distraction and mind-atrophying thing mankind has ever invented, and that’s in addition to all the usual media from television to movies to day-to-day work habits and routine schedules.

I can’t help the excessive thinking I do – I have never been able to stop – and so I may as well embrace it and try to get others to think a little bit more. It’s ironic that I’m such a big guy, because I have always, since I was a little child, found the mind to be far more valuable than the body.


  1. Lots of truth here. Social media has destroyed many minds. It’s good to use the web for good purposes, such as blogging, sharing our thoughts through writing. But most ppl don’t like reading much. It’s good to be amongst online communities of writers, who appreciate independent thought! I reblogged this post.


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