We All Agree About Women | SWFT #5

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SWFT is a movement I am trying to start, meant to reverse the damage of feminism, without resorting to spite and hatred, like the MGTOW movement. Women themselves are invited, with enthusiasm, to be part of the movement.

So, it’s about time I address the elephant in the room. I’m sure everybody’s wondering: What would I change about women, because I obviously want to, right?

Nothing, actually. Nothing at all. Even with all their problems, I still wouldn’t change anything. In fact, their problems reinforce the fact I wouldn’t change anything.

And I’m convinced everyone is in the same boat as I am. In fact, I’m convinced everyone agrees with me about women, including simps and male feminists.

If most women were amazing, none of them would be special.

Men want life-long partners (real men, anyway; boys just want to get laid). Women want close friends who they actually like instead of secretly hating. In both those situations (men wanting wives, women wanting true friends), it would be completely negated if all women were amazing. The only way someone or something can be special is if there’s not millions of others just like them.

And besides, everyone agrees with me about women anyway. Nothing I say about women is new; not by a long shot. Stupid people think our species popped into existence 200 years ago, and at that moment we decided to oppress women. Reality is, humans have been around for a minimum of 200,000 years, and men and women have coexisted every minute of that time, and in those thousands and thousands of years, we figured out what works and what doesn’t work. There’s a reason all cultures have been patriarchal. Men and women figured out how to coexist long, long before I or anyone alive was born. It was only recently that society forgot what we already knew and we decided, “Derrr women r opresst becuz misojinny!!1!”

No, we as a species figured out what makes women happy, what makes men happy, and what makes our species function properly. That is: Men work and fight, while women make families and spend their lives focused on those families. If you want to call that misogyny, you are mentally a child and I don’t respect your intelligence.

And even the people who demand “equality” don’t actually want it. Those same people still freak out when a women has to pay alimony to her ex-husband, they still lose their shit when a women gets struck but don’t care when a man gets beaten to a pulp (or raped), they don’t demand women become susceptible to military conscription, they don’t complain about how men are overrepresented in workplace deaths, and they certainly don’t complain about the fact women live longer than men. This is why I say feminists (every single type of feminist) is a female supremacist. When you put the word “equality” to the test, they don’t waver at all on wanting women to receive special treatment by society.

And don’t get me wrong, these double-standards should be there. I agree with these double-standards, and I agree with them because women are weaker, women are less capable, and women are only naturally equipped for creating and nurturing life.

So, how does it make sense that I say things on previous posts like, “Women shouldn’t have power,” and yet Margaret Thatcher is my greatest idol? Because of exactly what I’ve been explaining: Some women are exceptional, and those are the ones worth respecting and marrying. I am speaking broadly when I say most of the things I say, but when there’s an exception, I celebrate it just like everybody else. And why does everybody else celebrate these things? For the same reason I do. Nobody wants to admit why they celebrate when a woman accomplishes something: It’s because we know most women are not exceptional.

I don’t want them to be exceptional anyway. Not only because that would prevent any woman from being special (though that does apply), but also because I would rather most women focus on making families and being at the center of those families. It’s a win-win. I don’t want ALL women to be a Margaret Thatcher, because the family unit would be in the toilet.

Oh wait, it already is. Because women these days think they can be men, and now everything is fucked up and stupid. Men need to step up and fix this.