The reason I can’t stand simps is because they are an actual detriment to society.

For those who don’t know, a simp is: A guy that is overly desperate for women, especially if she is a bad person, or has expressed disinterest in him, whom which he continues to obsess over.

Simps give hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to girls over the internet who only know their username. Simps sometimes know their obsession personally, and they shower that girl with endless praise, they give her gifts she didn’t ask him for, they pretend to hate all the people she hates, they believe every word she says in every situation…

For years now, literally years, I haven’t been able to decide if the downward slide of society should be blamed solely on men, solely on women, or on both. Whenever I think it’s clearly one, I quickly realize it could be another. But simps are the reason I keep thinking maybe it’s the fault of men. Maybe it’s the fault of men that women have become substantially worse people in the last 50 years.

Simps are nothing new to humanity, but they were always fringe, in the past. Since the age of social media, you can simp from a distance, throwing money at an internet whore who pretends to care about them, but just wants their attention and hard-earned cash.

Simps exist because a lot of men are under the belief that the best way to a woman’s heart is by endlessly pursuing her at all costs. Either they believe that’s the most attractive thing they can do, or they know they are pathetic and know they can’t compete in the sexual marketplace. They don’t understand that being strong-willed, self-sustaining, and confident would get women to pursue them instead.

But here’s the most valuable advice a simp should know:

Any girl who falls for your simping is not worth keeping.

Simping is putting yourself beneath the girl you’re obsessed with. If she is okay with you doing that, and actually encourages you to keep doing it, she’s a piece of shit.

And in time, you will inevitably learn she’s a shitty person the hard way.

Relationships don’t last if either one of you doesn’t have a voice, or their own opinions, or their own wishes and goals. If you’re a simp, you are not relationship material, and if the girl you simp over actually allows you to continue, she doesn’t deserve a relationship with a good guy anyway.

Thanks to the internet, girls encourage and fall for simps more than ever. It keeps women from truly growing up, because they know there will always be another desperate guy out there who’ll give them all the attention and free money they want. So, what makes simps even worse, is the fact they’re a detriment to society.

If women didn’t have such easy access to these things that keep them immature and entitled, we’d have more real women around.


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