Race Doesn’t Matter

One simple argument eviscerates everything the Left says about the black population.

By the way, since we live in a time where I apparently have to say this to make idiots shut up … I am among the black population. My parents are interracial, my grandparents were interracial. If anyone who reads this even tries to call me racist, there’s a 99% chance I am more mixed race than you or anyone you know, so don’t even try.

So, the Left profits from telling Blacks they can’t get ahead on their own and they need help from Democrats and whites to get a fair chance… Yeah, that’s not a racist viewpoint at all…

Anyway, here’s the simple argument that exposes everything the Left claims about Blacks to be the ridiculous nonsense that it is:

How do you explain Jewish success?

I’m completely serious. Explain the widespread success of Jewish people. In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about… Jews have been, without a doubt, the most persecuted, hated group in all of human history. For literally thousands of years. It’s not just in one country, it’s been worldwide. They were blamed for the Black Death, they were slaughtered by the millions in the 20th century. It is literally part of the doctrine of Islam, the world’s second-largest religion, that the Jews must be eradicated.

And yet, and let’s just be honest here, Jews are ‘overrepresented’ in every industry you can think of, especially in the United States. They are immensely wealthy, and they are in positions of power everywhere.

The most persecuted group in human history. Please try to explain that while also explaining why that can’t be the case with Blacks.

I used to work in a Jewish retirement community. I have spoken to several of them, and I also somewhat regularly listen to Ben Shapiro. What I hear from all of them is that they have a strong work ethic, they have a strong belief in leaving the world better than it was when they born into it, they have a strong sense of community with each other, and they have a strong sense of taking care of those around them whether those people are Jewish or not.

Yeah, put those things together, and it makes perfect sense why they find so much success, despite being inexplicably more hated than any other group in all of human history.

Blacks in America were freed from slavery 155 years ago. Jim Crow ended 56 years ago. If you want to believe there continues to be systemic oppression of Blacks in America, then here are some facts for you. Not opinions, facts: Fewer Blacks are killed each year by white cops than Whites. The race that murders Blacks the most are Blacks (it doesn’t even remotely compare to other races). And the safest places for Blacks to live is in white neighborhoods.

You probably don’t know these facts because you only listen to left-wing elites. Oh, you haven’t noticed that the only people you EVER listen to are all part of one side? The majority of the media is left-wing, all of Hollywood is left-wing, Big Tech is left-wing, and I can’t think of a single major city in America that isn’t run by Democrats.

I’ve actually talked to people, in my personal life, who believe nonsense like, “America had slavery the longest,” and, “Only whites have ever owned slaves.” These all come from the Left, and not just the radicals. I can’t think of any left-winger who doesn’t buy into nonsense like this.

More facts:

ALL cultures have had slavery at some point in history. Slavery was the worldwide NORM back when America had it. To make a concerted effort to abolish slavery in the 19th Century was something the West led the charge in. Oh, and also, slavery still exists in the world today, at this very moment!

The Left profits from Blacks being held down. They intentionally don’t fix the problems facing the Black community because there’s too much money in it, and it guarantees them millions of votes in every single election.

Democrats don’t fix anything with the black population because they don’t want anything fixed. Plain and goddamn simple. Same with the woke, progressive leftists and liberals who vote for these same useless Democrats. They’re all the goddamn same. Voters who put Democrats in power want Blacks held back so that they can keep virtue signaling, to display to everyone how righteous they are.

If these issues ever got solved, the Dems would have no leverage remaining to get anyone’s vote.

They would have fixed these problems by now if they wanted these problems fixed at all. Period.

Or, at least, they would, if it were possible to fix these problems that way. To stop Blacks from continuing to murder each other at staggering rates, to stop Blacks from living in poverty for all their lives…, it’s a cultural fix, not a political one. You continue to make it political, you will continue to see no positive results. The best place to start, is to stop making it a political issue.

It’s a cultural issue. A cultural issue with a cultural fix, that needs to start from within.

Black fathers, stop abandoning your children. Black mothers, stop driving the fathers away from their children, and stop using your kids to get free money from the government. Also Black mothers, don’t make babies with men unless they meet some really fucking high standards. Standards that you meet yourself as well.

Having present fathers would fix all of these issues right up. No question about it.

Every single time you make something about race, you are perpetuating the problem. Stop talking about race, period. Even stop making jokes about it. When all you ever see is race, then that is all you ever see. Go figure, right?

What matters is freedom. What matters is education. What matters is community, as in the people you befriend and the people you live around. What does NOT matter is race.