Elsa Is Terrible

In my post about what I ironically love about Frozen, I only mentioned how Elsa does not have her heart in the right place. This is for those who may think I was being too harsh on Elsa.

Yes, Elsa says she doesn’t want to hurt anybody. She tells Anna, “I’m just trying to protect you!” But here’s the problem: Elsa never seeks a solution. Literally never. In truth, she only fixes things when the solution just randomly pops into her head. (“Love! Of course!”)

She never seeks a solution. She only runs away.

And it’s much worse. Even after Anna goes through the life-risking trouble to find Elsa’s ice castle, and tells Elsa about the eternal winter she accidentally started, Elsa still doesn’t try to find a way to stop it. Elsa remains in her castle and does nothing. If Elsa’s heart is in the right place (and that’s a strong “if”), it’s a solid fact that doing the right thing is not her highest priority.

Is the song “Let It Go” not enough proof?

Elsa doesn’t sing a song about how everybody’s safe from her now. She doesn’t sing a song about how she’s going to miss everybody. She’s not singing a sad song about how she wishes there was another way.

No, it is a happy song, about how she got away and feels wonderful.

See, this is why I find Anna so damn amazing. This is why I say Anna is a real woman while Elsa is still just a girl. Anna spends the entire movie trying to find a solution, even when it risks her own life: The exact thing Elsa should be doing. Anna spends the entire movie believing in the good in people, trying to bring people together, trying to find solutions to problems. Hell, she keeps doing this even when she knows she’s about to die.

So, fuck Elsa.