The Difference Between Boys and Men

The difference between men and boys is defined by one thing: What they strive for.

Men serve their family. Boys strive to get laid.

It’s not about being physically tough, or hell, even emotionally tough or intelligent. While nobody really thinks of it this way, the important things in life certainly do have a hierarchy. At the bottom of the Importance Hierarchy is sex, which is why boys struggle to even reach that point, and never get past that point even if they reach it. That’s what makes them boys.

In this post, what I mean by ‘boys’ is a weak adult male. I don’t strictly mean beta males, but they are certainly a large portion of them.

Being financially comfortable is greater than getting laid. Starting a family is even greater than being financially comfortable. Endlessly protecting and providing for that family is the greatest of all.

It’s true that nobody has 100% control over any of these things. All of these things, to varying extents, cannot be done or maintained except through the cooperation of others. Take being financially comfortable for example. According to my ex-wife’s uncle, whom they call PK, back in 2009 (when he was 38), he was unemployed, and depressed because he was unemployed. His wife even threatened to leave him and take the kids if he didn’t turn things around. I don’t remember the reason why he became unemployed, but I think it was because he got laid off and struggled to find work doing what he had always done before. In that case, even though he was 38 years old, with a family, he still struggled with his financial situation, and not because of his own doing. During my marriage, when I was 25, I was unemployed for 4 months because I wanted to finish my second novel (and I still needed to find work that adequately replaced my job as a welder). So, my point is, we never have full control over anything in the ‘Importance Hierarchy.’

But the difference between men and boys is that men overcome adversity. Men can adapt, men can get stronger. Not against everything, but against most things. Boys, on the other hand, never get past the bottom rung of the hierarchy. Yes, having sex is important, because that’s how you make new humans, but it’s the least important thing for a reason.

Boys never graduate past trying to get laid, and simping for girls, because the bottom rung is the most they will ever accomplish in life. It’s the most they want to do, and it’s the most they want to do because they don’t get to have sex very often. It’s not easy to find for them. That’s why they see sex as some sort of accomplishment. They’ll get desperate and sleep with literally whoever is willing. But all of this is why they place so much importance on sex in the first place, when it’s not that important.

A real man prioritizes making a family and making a future with that family. Incidentally, and ironically, sex comes very easy to real men. It’s ironic because being less interested in sex than boys are, is actually what makes more women want to sleep with them in the first place.

The only thing boys ever amount to is being a simp. Their existence peaks when they find a girl to fawn over who returns the affection. They tell her everything she wants to hear at all times; they devote every minute of their life to singing her praises and kissing the ground she walks on. That only works on girls, not real women, and even still, it only works for a short time.

In time, all women, including the bimbos, realize that men are meant to be … men. They realize they were immature to think they wanted someone fragile and sensitive and submissive to them. They always eventually realize that boys are useless and never had any chance of going somewhere with their life. They realize they made a mistake in not finding a man, a real man.

So, those are the boys/betas who manage to get into relationships. The ones who don’t are far worse. Those are the ones who make headlines, being revealed to be predators.

You will notice that boys/betas – the ones who actually can get in relationships – only get girls in their 20s and 30s. It’s never 40s and above. And by the time their girlfriends or wives reach their 40s, that’s when the relationship is guaranteed to collapse, if it hasn’t already. Why is this? Because women who get with a beta have to do the heavy lifting in the relationship, and by the time they are in their 40s, they are exhausted and miserable. All the ones I’ve seen are actually pissed off. They are left wondering why they got with this pathetic meat sack in the first place when he can’t contribute much to the relationship.

Women always realize, by their 40s or earlier, that relationships are more than just, “I like you, you like me!” Relationships are far more complicated than feelings. That’s why only the stupid ones get with the betas.

Women are (or are eventually) turned off by a partner who doesn’t challenge them. Because being with someone who worships you and only tells you what you want to hear: That’s not a relationship, that’s being in love with yourself and letting someone tag along. All women, eventually, realize they want someone who makes them better.

Boys make no one better. Only men do that.