Beauties and Their Beasts | SWFT #4

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SWFT is a movement I am trying to start, meant to reverse the damage of feminism, without resorting to spite and hatred, like the MGTOW movement. Women themselves are invited, with enthusiasm, to be part of the movement.

After writing #2 of this SWFT series, I got thinking about something I said in it. I talked about how my first love, Lisa, frequently tried to get me to push my own boundaries. She tried to get me to be more manly, and it wasn’t until a decade later that I realized in hindsight this was the case. Additionally, she liked pushing her own boundaries, so long as I was next to her, like going down dark alleyways. (I still think that was weird.)

The following is mature content for mature discussion only.

A couple years ago, I was watching a Paul Joseph Watson video where he showed a statistic that blew my mind, which is that more than half of all women have rape fantasies. Approximately 2/3 of women, to be more precise. Why is this?

Now, obviously, there is no such thing as desiring to be raped, because if it’s welcomed, it’s not rape. I think this naturally explains these fantasies, which is that women fantasize about being in a sexual situation where there is a lot of force and power involved. Obviously, these fantasizes are not open doors for it truly happening, let alone with whoever; women always want physical intimacy to be with who they choose. I don’t even think it’s because of the physical-power aspect of it, as in that’s what feels good (that’s part of it, but that’s not the crux of it). I think this desire to be in forceful sexual situations is because it’s female instinct to want men to be powerful. A powerful man means he can protect and he can provide, and that he specifically wants to protect and provide and make babies with you (the woman).

So, that’s all it really is, in my opinion.

Girls and women like bad boys for this reason as well. It always circles back to the same thing. They want men to be powerful, because powerful means safe. A lot of women stay with complete douche bags and assholes, who cheat on them, or actually physically harms them, or don’t even care about them in the first place, because instinctually, they’d rather be within the orbit of strength, in imperfect circumstances, than not be near strength at all.

It is a statistical fact that most women would rather share an alpha male with other women than to have a beta male all to themselves.

Now, circling back to these musings I’ve been having since I wrote that earlier SWFT post… I’ve come to realize that Lisa (obviously) knew full-well that I was much bigger than her, much stronger, and much faster. (Men are faster, even though we are bigger, because of our narrower hips and denser muscles.) And despite knowing that… Despite knowing I’m far more physically powerful than she was … she still encouraged me to push my boundaries.

‘Trust’ is the word that comes to mind here. She trusted me, completely. She didn’t assume she was safe with me, she knew she was. That is the reason she liked the idea of danger when I was around. She liked the idea of danger around me because she knew that if I was around, she was never going to truly be in danger.

I think about the Icelandic couple in the picture above that I used for this post. That woman knows her husband could crush her with his pinky finger, but she obviously never worries about that.

Men ARE the strength of women. Real men, anyway. That’s what this all comes down to. When women know their man is theirs, as in he belongs to her, then his strength belongs to her.

Men are supposed to be brutes, among other things. Men are supposed to be physically powerful, because women need to know they have nothing to worry about. There is a beast inside every man. A beast that (should) only awakens when its treasure, his woman or his children, are threatened.

Take my ex-wife for example. Despite all the things she incorrectly (often times stupidly) believes about me, I’m completely certain that she still wants me to have an inner beast as well, in case somebody tries to kidnap our daughter or something. If our baby was being thrown into a van by a masked figure, she would hope with all her heart that I don’t cower and run away. She’d want me to attack. She’d want me to go berserk and rip that guy’s throat out. She most certainly would want that from me, and we’re not even together anymore. So, women still want this, even sometimes when a man doesn’t belong to them.

And yes, I do see a man’s superior physical strength as literally belonging to those he loves. As in, his strength is only ever used for what his woman wants him to use it for, and what his kids need it for. I do not believe a man’s strength should be his own. Technically, it always is, but in principle, it never is. We evolved to be twice as strong as women for a damn-good reason. Speaking from experience here, nothing makes me feel more manly than when I have someone to protect, which right now is just my baby girl. And my daughter knows, even at such a young age, that she is never in danger when Daddy’s nearby. I never see her looking uncomfortable, and I don’t think I have ever once seen her actually scared (that I can remember). Why? Because I’m Daddy, and my strength belongs to her. She is the treasure my inner beast is guarding.

Like a dragon…