Why the Left is Always Wrong

Factually, logically, and morally, the Left is always wrong. In this post, I will explain why.

1. Prelude

Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that I was staunchly left-wing for my entire adult life until I turned 29. Everything I explain in this post is something I took years to learn from my own observations and experiences.

2. Morally Wrong

When you champion the weak or the lesser, simply because they are the underdog, you inevitably demonize strength, in all its forms. Instead of strength or wealth being things that ought to be strived for, they become targets to be destroyed. Additionally, you also demonize anyone who has more, of anything, simply because they have more, whether that is money, authority, or even health.

The Left cares nothing for the individual, they are obsessed with the collective, and with utopia.

This is exacerbated by ‘mob mentality.’ This is a very real, scientifically-proven effect of when social animals (especially humans) act in groups. It doesn’t even matter what your ideology is at that point, even if it’s right-wing: When people act in groups, their instincts drive them to behave more like savages, and higher cognition is turned off. In other words, acting in groups literally makes people stupider and animalistic.

Combine that fact with the fact that less-intelligent people are more likely to act in groups in general, and you get: mobs.

The Left, in its glorification of weakness, is filled with individuals who seek numbers in all things they do. This is why you always get violence and destruction whenever large left-wing groups gather anywhere. It’s always a collection of weak people made even stupider by mob mentality.

While I have been talking about riots so far, this is not exclusive to riots and revolutions. This happens in social settings as well. I’m also talking about weak people who make friends with other weak people. When they gather, whether it’s just 2, or 20, they make each other worse, because they were all already weak to begin with. They become substantially more likely to only talk about things/people they hate, and feed each other’s hatred to each other about everything they hate.

By definition, being left-wing drowns out the voice of the individual. By definition, it’s a mob ideology. By definition, it is authoritarian.

The definition of being left-wing is: A belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished, stemming from a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others.

Being right-wing, though, is, by definition, acceptance of inevitable differences between people in society. Being right-wing is, in layman’s terms, believing that differences will always exist.

Right-wing politics: The view that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically supporting this position on the basis of natural law, economics, or tradition.

Now, this doesn’t mean by that being right-wing is inherently righteous. Morons can be right-wing and/or authoritarian. But the right-wing philosophy is the only space that has room for individualism, because of its embrace of inevitable differences.

Right-wingers with a heart (which I do believe most of them have) accept differences while trying to make things better for everyone. Left-wingers try to make things better by attacking differences. If someone is richer, they want to take from the rich. If someone is bigger and stronger, they want that person to be reduced in strength, however they possibly can.

Being left-wing is about lowering the roof. Being right-wing (if you have a heart) is about raising the floor.

This is why it doesn’t matter how big your heart is if you are left-wing. Even if deep down you are a good person, your ideology is toxic to greater society, and even in your personal life. Left-wingers, INHERENTLY, are never satisfied. They are perpetually dissatisfied, and perpetually trying to eliminate every unfairness they see, and perpetually are finding inequalities where there might not even be any.

3. Logically Wrong

In all their effort to eliminate ‘unfairness,’ they only embolden differences that already exist, or they simply turn the tables around. Not to mention, they play favorites, to an unbelievable degree. Everything that left-wingers do only proves the right-wing philosophy correct, and the left-wing philosophy to be a fantasy.

In socialist countries, the wealth gap is only widened. Those in the government have all the money and resources they could want for themselves, while everyone else in the country is dirt-poor.

In literally nation with more than one ethnic race, left-wingers behave in a way as if the minority races could ever somehow be equal, in population, with the majority race. For example, left-wingers in America will only stop propping up Blacks if the day ever comes that black people are equal in number to whites, which will never realistically happen. And even if it were to happen, it could only happen through means of black supremacy. Whites, by the millions, would have to be exiled, eradicated, or bred out of the gene pool. None of those things could ever happen naturally, and thus only a black supremacist government, or a black supremacist civilian militia, could make it happen. This is just one example of the only way left-wingers can be satisfied about the “injustices” done to minority races.

Mere freedom and equal rights is never enough to left-wingers. And thus, authoritarian measures are the only solution to the things they want regarding race. (Or regarding anything, really.)

Now, I think I’ve covered how left-wingers can only embolden differences or turn the tables, and how in either of those ways, true equality is still not achieved… But now I want to talk about how sometimes left-wingers are only left-wing in name only, and are really just evil right-wingers in disguise.

Feminists, for example. I could write an entire article about what I’m about to say here, but I will summarize. Feminism always has, and only ever could be, a supremacist movement. They WANT men and women to be different (which men and women already are), but for women to be supreme in all things. True equality never has, nor ever will be, the end goal of feminists. They want men and women to be different, with women being superior in every way.

That is what I, personally, would call evil right-wingers in disguise.

And this isn’t always conscious. In fact, I’d say most of the time, it’s not. If you want one group to dominate and oppress another, that is definitionally right-wing radicalism. Most of the time, left-wingers don’t even realize they are just right-wing supremacists for a minority group. But since it’s a minority group that they want to rise to supremacy, they have to side with true left-wingers, like communists. Again, this isn’t always conscious, but it is the situation nonetheless. Left-wing groups are always the easiest gateways to making people radical. Take Hitler, for example, who turned a left-wing political party (the National Socialists) into a far-right political party once they achieved power. Hitler expunged the socialists from the party once they achieved power. That’s a prime example of this.

4. Factually Wrong

Socialism has never worked. It never will.

The left-wing philosophy is unrealistic, and therefore can never be anything more than fantasy.

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  1. It’s an interesting discussion, but it ignores one very important point, America will never become a socialist state no matter who is in power, the so-called left, or the so-called right. Socialism comes from a dictatorship, so go and check out all the countries that have a dictatorship and see what socialism is all about.
    The people there have no say, and cannot say anything, whether they’re left or right.
    The right want to muzzle the mainstream media, the left want to muzzle right wing media. Have the left closed them down? No. Will they? No. They can’t. I believe the constitution forbids it, and, if the left try to, in two years time the people will put a stop to it.
    As much as everyone wants to think elections are rigged, they are not, and I suspect when the Republicans win back the senate and reps, will they be making any noise about rigged elections? I think not. The Democrats might, but that’s just losers crying over spilt milk.
    We have an opposition party hear who are, supposedly, socialists. We are told at every election that a vote for them is a vote for socialism. They get elected, and, lo and behold, they are more right wing than the right wing party.
    Voters, that is the people, hold parties accountable. And you have the original ridgy didge democracy, or so we are continually being told. Your wrestle between left and right really is a loss of faith in democracy, not in the party, or what it says is its ideals. Those change when the wind does, and it’s blowing in all all directions at once at the moment.
    Instead, the real question is can America to become a dictatorship?


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