Shaped by Women | SWFT #2

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SWFT (pronounced “swift”) is a movement I am trying to start, meant to reverse the damage of feminism, without resorting to spite and hatred, like the MGTOW movement. Women themselves are invited, with enthusiasm, to be part of the movement.

Men are shaped by the women in their lives – past and present. It starts with their mother, and carries on all the way through sisters, friends and lovers.

Men have impact on other men, sure. Fathers have more impact than brothers or buddies, but ultimately, it is still the women in our lives who shape us; carve the path of our lives.

We are built to serve women. We are meant to protect them, provide for them, and to procreate with them. That is our drive. That is our function, every day.

Whether a man is a womanizer, is unfaithful in relationships, doesn’t want relationships, or is faithful to one woman for life, these things are most often decided by the women he’s had experience with. A good way to ruin a man is to give him a shitty mother, shitty sister(s), and shitty partners. Chances are, he will choose the worst partners if he’s been raised by, and generally surrounded by, terrible women. Chances are good he’ll give up on meaningful relationships altogether if he’s been burned by women one too many times.

This is the main reason I want to start SWFT. If our women degrade in quality, so do men. It brings the entire ship down, and we (society) are undoubtedly sinking. Think about it: These days, are you more likely to encounter men who are tough and strong-willed, or are you more likely to encounter men who are effeminate, scrawny twigs who wear skinny-jeans? Look around you, and you will notice far more skinny jeans than muscles.

Women have always been weaker, but they weren’t always weak. And something that weak people do is try to bring others down to their level. It’s no coincidence that masculinity is on the decline. In order for women to be superior to men in every way, they have to make men less masculine. That’s why we live in the Age of Feelings Above Facts. It’s why we apologize for every little thing that isn’t even wrong. We’re all becoming weak and stupid.

The West still has enemies, like China, Russia, and the Middle East. Nations where the government is authoritarian, and they are laughing at how pathetic we are getting year after year. Even if the West didn’t have enemies at all, we are still making enemies over each other, because of fucking feelings.

How divided we are is our fault, not our enemies’ doing.

What helped me realize what a tremendous influence women have over men, despite the fact we are physically and mentally stronger, is my first love, Lisa. When we were together, I remember actually trying to make myself lesser, for her. I actually tried to wear skinnier jeans, I tried watching more romantic movies (she loved Titanic), and things like that. I did those things for her. But it’s only in hindsight that I realized … she never wanted me to be lesser, she wanted me to be more. When she and I were alone, getting intimate, she’d try to get me to push my boundaries. She wanted a sense of danger. And I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t allow myself to do certain things unless she outright told me it was okay.

For all I know, that lack of masculinity might have greatly contributed to why she not only cheated on me, but left me as well. This is all stuff I’ve only come to realize within the past year.

Lisa greeted me by jumping into my arms or onto my back. She loved being squeezed (not just hugged, squeezed). Not to mention all the times we went on walks alone in downtown Portland, at night, through dark alleyways. Yeah, it somehow took me until I was 28/29 to realize she liked danger. Because all the times she outright said, “I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t with me,” was clearly not enough of a hint.

Lisa was a Christian, raised conservative. Naturally, she believes men ought to be masculine, and therefore, she never had to suppress that biological urge to be aroused by masculine behavior, like female leftists have to do. But back then, when she and I were kids and teenagers, I wasn’t manly. I cried easily, I got lonely, I started drama over the stupidest things like not being invited to things my friends did with their other friends…

Maybe Lisa didn’t consciously realize my lack of masculinity turned her off? All she knew consciously was that she didn’t want to keep me. I was always deeply loyal to her (I’m still a loyal person today), but back then, she must have seen my loyalty as emotional dependency, and she wanted the dependency to be vice-versa.

I think Lisa would have made me a better man faster than the experiences that ultimately did. Long after Lisa left me, I believed for years that masculinity was a problem, and inferior overall to femininity. After a psychotic 2nd girlfriend, and then having a wife who never challenged me (who’d later become a soulless fiend)… It’s only after 10 years of being around the wrong women do I realize the importance of masculinity, and then it suddenly clicked why Lisa didn’t want to keep me. If Lisa had kept me, and explained some things to me, I would have been a better man many years sooner.

Lisa is the only intelligent girl I’ve ever been with. And the only one with a big heart. This is why even after she cheated on me, I’ve come to start missing her. So many things make sense now. My opinion of my 2nd girlfriend Shelby, and my ex-wife, has only plummeted while my opinion of Lisa has improved. She was smart and a good person, with some teenage immaturity.

I took the picture I used for this post when I was 17 and she was a few months from turning 17 as well. I remember that day was when we went to the top of a building called Big Pink, which we weren’t allowed to do, but I remember how Lisa always pushed me to do more than I was comfortable with. I didn’t want to go to the top of an office building because we weren’t allowed to (and I FOLLOW THE RULES DAMMIT), but Lisa wanted to make memories, and push me to be better.

One time she stood right in the middle of Pioneer Square (it’s a spot in Portland), and I didn’t want to stand in the middle in front of everybody because I was shy, put she insisted. She even called my cell phone, from fifteen feet away, telling me to go stand next to her. When I finally did, she grabbed my arm, threw it up, and shouted, “I got him to stand in the middle!!!”

Pushing their men to be better men is something women are naturally inclined to do, and they should do. They should want their men to be real men, great men, so that they can be better at protecting and providing (and just having fun). I learned 2 things about Lisa shortly before she left me. In hindsight, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she told me these things right before leaving me. One day, she told me that she wants to be a missionary in another country. Another day, she told me she might have a disease that her mother has, which will, long story short, prevent her from living very far into her senior years. The day she left me and said it’s over, was the day she was supposed to tell me what the test result was for whether or not she has her mother’s disease.

Regardless, Lisa knew I was an atheist by that time, she knew I was hardly masculine at all at the time, and she knew I loved her. Now, it makes even more sense why she ultimately left me. It even makes sense why she left me via text, instead of seeing me face-to-face one last time. Maybe it was too hard for her? She didn’t have to cheat, but again, we were both immature teenagers in our own way. I don’t know anything for sure. Maybe she was just a cold bitch. But I do know for sure she had a great capacity to be a good person. It was her idea to go to downtown Portland every Friday to feed and clean the homeless. She also made me go to church with her even after I became an atheist.

So, like I said earlier, my opinion of the other ‘women’ I have been with has dropped over time, while my opinion of Lisa has actually improved. We grew up together, we were intimate, we had fun, we loved each other … but it just wasn’t meant to be forever. I think the reason nobody has seen or heard from her in so many years is because she actually did become a missionary? I’m glad she’s married to a Christian with whom she can actually do what she dreamed of doing. I would only have been an obstacle to that.

I saw her mother about a month or two ago. Her mother’s disease has taken its toll. It was painful to look at her. I don’t think her parents recognized me, but her father kind of seemed to…

I miss Lisa’s intelligence. I miss Lisa’s desire to help people. I miss (in hindsight) how Lisa pushed me, all the time, to be a better man. She and I are both almost 30 now. I’d bet she’s a hell of a real woman now.

In conclusion…

See? You can tell I have a renewed soft spot for Lisa. Just comes to show how women have such a tremendous influence on men. They’re supposed to. She pushed me to be a better man, and I failed to figure it out. Sure, neither of us were adults yet, but still, that’s what she wanted and needed from me. (She also needed me to stay Christian, but that’s not the point of this post.) It took 10 years of experiences, without Lisa, to realize so many things about men and women, and how society is imploding because of how over-feminized it is. That’s what it took to make me realize … I was lucky to have Lisa for the 9½  years we were part of each other’s lives.

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