The Weak Person Checklist

This list shows the opposite of what you see from this post about what strength looks like.

1. Seeing Ghosts

What I mean by ‘seeing ghosts’ is: Frequently seeing threats that aren’t there. For weak people, they see things to be scared of everywhere.

2. Everything Falls Into Two Categories

Everything is either a threat, or it’s safe. One or the other. Basically, weak people see everything in terms of how comfortable it makes them feel.

3. Revisionist History

They don’t remember anything correctly. They only remember things through the lens of what makes them happy, and what makes themselves feel better. The reason for this is, literally, every other thing on this list. It is because weak people see threats that don’t exist, and feel uncomfortable very easily, and cannot do anything in life without help or backup, etc., etc. It is because of all the other things I list in this post that weak people can never remember anything correctly. Being weak warps your perception of reality. Their entire perception of reality is shaped by their inability to control their fear, their inability to do things alone, their tendency to run away from everything that makes them uncomfortable, and feeling uncomfortable in general far too easily.

4. Running Away

Obviously, this goes without saying. Weak people cannot face anything that doesn’t benefit them, unless they have backup (which I cover later). And so, they run away like cowards.

Take my ex-wife for example. Whenever I challenge her to think, logically, about the things she has accused me of, she finds an excuse not to. She ignores evidence. She most certainly never offers to talk things through.

5. Dependency on Others

Weak people can never, I repeat never, do anything in life by themselves. They cannot live alone, they cannot remain single, they cannot deal with problems without support…

Weak people are very emotional. They have to be, since they never do any of their own thinking.

6. Exaggerating ALL Negative Things

Bad things happen to everybody, but weak people amplify how bad things are, in their head.

Like the phrase goes: When it’s raining, it’s pouring.

7. Mob Mentality

This relates to #5, but it’s not entirely the same. Weak people do not have strength of their own, and thus, they only ever have ‘strength’ through numbers. They cannot enter uncomfortable situations without backup. They cannot assert themselves without backup. They cannot deal with any uncomfortable situation, or possibly-uncomfortable situation, unless they have help standing by to make them feel stronger.

They only befriend people who agree with them. The only opinions they value, at all, are opinions they already hold. The only people welcome into their lives, at all, are people with whom they are on the same page about the serious subjects. And they can never have too many people in their lives, as long as each of those people make the cut.

8. Never Showing Vulnerability

You might call this one the Prime Directive. Weak people can never, I repeat never, look weak, in any way (even though everybody can see they are weak). In their minds, apologizing is showing weakness, or showing humility of any kind. And even if they sometimes do, it is ONLY toward people they feel very, very comfortable with. Weak people pretend they are still correct even after they have been proven dead-wrong. They blame all of their life’s troubles on others, and never on themselves. They also either see themselves as perfect, or at the very least, behave like they have a very high opinion of themselves.

(And if my ex-wife, or any of her sycophants, read this post and think I never show humility or vulnerability, I will be more than happy to show a montage of examples of where you’re dead-wrong. I’ll even find some good montage music.)

9. Extreme Projection

Weak people are the very things they hate. When they scream ‘racist,’ they are trying to cover up, and justify, the fact that it is they who are racist. Same when they scream ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobe’. They are the ones who hate straights, whites, men, and especially anyone who is all three. In their campaign to spread love and tolerance, they show themselves to be the most hateful, intolerant people on Earth.

But their projection goes even deeper than that. Projection is the only way they can explain anything they see. They can only understand the actions of others by projecting their own reasons for if they did/said the same thing.

For example, if they, hypothetically, see a guy on the internet expressing opinions they don’t like, they proceed to assume that person is full of hate and is miserable and is a bigot.

Even if that person (again this is all totally, totally hypothetical, wink-wink) repeatedly expresses how many of his greatest idols are women, the person he treasures most is female, etc.

They would understand if they actually took the time to read what he says, but instead of understanding what should be obvious, they immediately assume hate, misery, and bigotry… Even though it is they who are filled with hate (toward masculinity), are miserable (because they are weak), and are bigots (toward men and white people).

It is the ‘anti-racists’ who are the most racist. It is the ‘anti-sexists’ who are the most sexist. It is the ‘anti-fascists’ who are the most authoritarian. They try to stamp out something that they know they themselves are, deep down.

In their mind, the only possible way I could think the things I think is because I’m exactly like who they know they are deep down.

This is especially the case with most women these days. In the past, women used to understand men are stronger, and are supposed to be. These days, women think that masculinity in general is toxic, and when men are being strong, they are just simply being evil, selfish tyrants.

And what is their feministic solution? Being selfish tyrants themselves, trying to keep men under their foot. They don’t understand strength because they are not strong themselves. They want to be tyrants themselves, because power is how weak people feel safe and strong.

Weak people can’t explain, or cope with, the world around them except through projection.

10. Pathological Lying

It takes strength to be truthful to others. It takes even more strength to be truthful with yourself. Weak people cannot do either.

Pathological lying is when a person lies so often that they no longer realize they’re doing it. They cannot discern what is true and what isn’t. They have drowned in their own lies, and it’s too late to swim up to the surface.

Why are weak people pathological liars? Well, think about the entire reason lies exist in the first place. People lie in order to shield themselves from unwanted circumstances. It’s even worse with weak people, because weak people have an even greater need to lie in the first place.

11. Being Weak is Permanent

I have very thick skin. But it wasn’t always this way; not even close. In fact, I would say I was fragile and sensitive for most of my life, from birth to about age 25. But in a way, I was always strong. How? Because no matter what life threw at me, and it’s thrown A LOT at me, I always learned from it and adapted. Always.

Additionally, I never had any of the traits I’ve listed here, except the one about lying. It wasn’t until I was in middle school that I chose to stop lying. It’s mostly because I found it makes life easier to be truthful – you never have to remember anything when you’re honest. So, apart from lying, I’ve never felt the need to ‘bring backup’ in most circumstances, I’ve never been someone who sees threats everywhere (I’ve always been the kind of person who sees curiosities everywhere that I want to figure out).

In other words, I’ve never been weak, even when I used to be fragile. Weak men join gangs and steal. Weak women end their relationships to find more things to take advantage of from the next guy, instead of staying loyal to one man for life. I have never been a weak man, even when I was still a boy.

When I think of someone who is, and always will be, I think of my ex-wife. She believes I wanted to control her, she thinks I was a threat to her, and she cowardly avoided discussing these things (because weak people can never admit when they’re wrong, or even consider that they might be). And it’s her weakness that will always be a detriment to our daughter growing up to the best person she can be. Weak parents need their kids to be weak as well, for the same reason all weak people rely on numbers.

Sometime ago, I got our daughter a sweatshirt that reads, “Mommy is my bestie.” Why? Because everybody, literally everybody, is more attached to their mother when they are infants and toddlers. It doesn’t matter that I think her mother is a soulless fiend; what matters is that her mommy makes her happy. So, I got my daughter that sweatshirt and I will keep it until she decides she doesn’t want it anymore.

But my ex-wife is weak. Being possessive is another trait of weak people. She is possessive of our daughter and still, to this day, cannot accept that I am also our daughter’s parent. Her mental stability will start to crumble if our daughter grows up and actually has a positive opinion of me. That would utterly break my ex-wife, and I have no doubt she will do everything in her power to make sure our daughter fully agrees with her about me.

Because weak people always need to drag people down to their level.