SWFT Movement – Save Women From Themselves

Since the 1960s, women have become increasingly depressed, despite all the advancements of women’s rights. They are getting everything they want, and yet becoming more miserable with each passing decade. As they become less happy, so do the rest of us.

This is because women are not men. They are not built to be managers and machine operators. They are not built to be stressed about advancing their career, or earning a livable wage for themselves.

Women are built to be mothers. They are built to be nurturing and gentle, in a world that is neither of those things.

They have abandoned the home and the family unit, just to make themselves feel empowered. It’s all for the ridiculous purpose of proving a point. A very stupid, counterproductive point.

Feminism has convinced women that it is shameful to focus solely on their family, and to allow their man to handle the difficult aspects of life, and to allow a man to be the figure of strength and leadership in their life in general. Feminism is a genius trap for women to make them miserable. Feminism is the perfect movement to join if you hate women and femininity. But this problem extends beyond women themselves. The family unit is in shambles.

As women become more miserable with each passing decade, so do the rest of us.

Children aren’t being raised properly. We are lying to children in telling them there is no difference between men and women. We are blindly siding with women in child custody cases, which does nothing but incentivize women not to stay loyal to their family and simply use people to get free money and easy access to everything they want, both from the government, and from society.

It all needs to stop. Fathers want to raise their kids as well, and most importantly, children need their fathers. Women need to be happy again.

Empowerment is the worst thing to happen to women. They are not strong creatures, and they are not supposed to be. There is no shame in keeping one’s family and immediate community happy and nurtured, which is the very essence of womanhood. We need to stop letting feminists tell women it is shameful to be a woman. Women are not men, they are not supposed to be men, so stop telling them to be men. Let men be men again. Let women be women again.

I am hereby attempting to start the SWFT movement. It stands for ‘Save Women From Themselves.’ This movement is intended to be in opposition feminism, as well as MGTOWs, who have essentially become a hate group, and thus detrimental to their own cause. We must be honest, not hateful. In this day and age, nobody can discern the difference between honesty and hate anyway.

Women have gradually lost their way in the last several decades, and we need to help them find their way. This is a failure on our part, not theirs. I understand the anger after getting burned by a woman, trust me, I do, but hate is neither preferable or effective.

Women aren’t real women anymore, they are just entitled girls these days, and that needs to stop. Everyone’s wellbeing is at stake. We need to remind them of what they really want, and what really makes them happy. Women want to spend their days nurturing, socializing, loving, being loved, and being as safe and stress-free as possible. Men are meant to deal with the problems of the world at large, not them. Men, the problem is not women themselves, the problem is that we have allowed women to believe lies about the kind of people they should be. We have allowed the worst of their own nature to get the better of them. We need to man up and save them from themselves.

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  1. You nailed it here! 👏 👏 Awesome post.
    And yes, it’s ironic how feminism was about a woman’s right to choose her preferred lifestyle, yet they shame women for choosing to be homemakers or stay at home moms, when in actuality that’s what we’ve been built for, and it is a very important role to perform. Women must take pride in womanhood, the nurturing essence of nourishing the bodies and minds of those they love, bringing the home to life. Instead they want to compete. There are women these days who don’t know how to even take care of a baby, they can’t change diapers, feed them, that’s scary considering babies come out of our wombs, it is instinct to know how to raise babies. The same people who claim to love science hate it when it comes to biological gender differences.


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