(Simplified) Women Only Make Each Other Worse

Here is a simpler version of an earlier post

1. Keeping Each Other Weak

When females, of any age, talk to each other, they will not say anything that strengthens each other’s character, they will only say what makes each other feel better.

And to make each other feel better, they can only appeal to ego and their own sensitivity.

“You did nothing wrong.”

“You are perfect just the way you are.”

“You deserve so much better!”

“I never liked him anyway!”

Speaking this way to someone does not strengthen character, or make that person smarter or wiser. Because women do not inherently understand the importance of adversity, and accepting responsibility, and seeing alternate perspectives.

Women are built to be mothers. It is their instinct to appeal and comfort, appeal and comfort. It’s all about emotions.

Hence the phrase, “Go cry to mommy!” Because it’s only Daddy who makes you stronger the next time around, so that you won’t need him as much the next time around.

2. Tribalism

Women are weaker than men. About half as strong as men, to be accurate. And because of this fact, women are inclined to rely on numbers. They don’t feel safe, or strong, without working in numbers.

Just like the political Left as a whole. That’s no coincidence.

(This relates to the last item. Women don’t speak harsh truths to each other because they know their words will get met with crying and running away, or conflict. And if they lose a friend, that’s one less person among their ‘numbers.’)

3. Conceitedness

Women are conceited creatures. They are conceited because they are weaker. They’re not strong enough to carry themselves. They need a man around, they need government, they need someone to live with.

And it’s because women are conceited creatures that their friends … are never really their friends. They only keep people around who have something they want.

You never see women hang around people with drastically different beliefs and viewpoints, for a reason.

4. Socially-Oriented, Not Task-Oriented

There’s also a reason you never see women doing very much problem-solving when they’re talking to each other. What they talk about with each other is drama, their own interests, and telling stories. You never see them trying to solve theoretical physics, or debate whether or not there is a god. Men do that, because men are wired to be task-oriented, practical creatures.

Whenever women socialize with each other, their conversations never involve something they did that they shouldn’t have done. Women are not strong enough to look weak, like admitting a mistake.

5. Put It All Together

When you put it all together, you find that when women are friends with each other, regardless if they are related, regardless if they are acquaintances or best friends, they never make each other better. They dare not ever speak a bad word about themselves or about the woman they are speaking to…

Even though it is ONLY disagreement and different perspectives that make people smarter and stronger.

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  1. I’ve had quite a few female friends in my lifetime, but I mostly vibed with the guys, I was more into the philosophical discussions kind of thing, or being able to joke with no filter, be blunt and not fake.
    I agree with you, most women just wanna be told what they wanna hear, no constructive criticism allowed, hence why I had very few female friends. I cannot relate with deluded thinking. Most women don’t have to think that way, but I guess the lack of fathers in the home contributed to the illogical minds most of them have. Now, there are males who think the same illogical/emotional based way.
    See, now it makes sense why I could never really relate with most females.


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