Actions Matter, Not Opinions

In this post, I challenge staunch left-wingers to do this weird thing called … thinking.

Wish me luck.

What I say in this post does relate to everyone, and most people can use this post as a tool in case the Left comes after them in the dark years we have ahead.

In my previous post, I talked about how tyranny is coming, and in a way, it’s already been here for years. I talked about how Biden isn’t a tyrant, but he will be the empty shell through which the Left will get away with being tyrants. Big Tech censoring conservatives, Antifa terrorizing everyone who isn’t as radically-left as they are, a media that is entire comprised of whores for the Democratic party…

Since the Left calls everybody who is right-wing racist, and that is justification for being oppressive toward conservatives, I want everyone reading this to think of a scenario. Imagine some 70-year-old in Alabama in the year 1850, named Bill, sitting on his front porch, chewing tobacco, holding a shotgun, and just rambling to himself about how much he hates colored people. And while he’s talking to himself, he’s saying every bigoted slur imaginable.

So, basically, imagine a typical Democratic Party voter from 1850.

Now Bill, while sitting on his front porch, talking to himself like a lunatic about how much he hates colored people, sees an escaped slave stumbling onto his property, limping from getting shot in the leg. Bill drops his shotgun, runs up to the black man, helps him into his house, bandages the wounded leg, cooks plenty of delicious food for him, and allows him to stay for 2 days while the escaped slave’s body recovers. Then, the escaped slave thanks Bill for his help before continuing his journey to the North.

In this scenario, what mattered more? The fact that Bill is a racist, or the fact that he helped save the life of an escaped slave?

What mattered more: Bill’s opinions, or his actions?

What my idiot generation (Millennials) doesn’t understand is that a person’s true character comes forth when they are in a real-life situation that tests their character. What my idiot generation also doesn’t understand is that disagreement does not equal bad. Just because you don’t agree with someone, that doesn’t mean they are evil. To assume that actually makes you a narcissistic child.

I don’t think everyone on the Left is evil, just ignorant of what their beliefs inevitably bring. The Left doesn’t understand just how much they are the exact things they hate.

My ex-wife has made it abundantly clear that she reads my blog, in order to watch for things she can use against me, and that she also points others to my blog for the same purpose. Hey, fuckfaces, how’ya doing? And I know the issue at the top of my ex-wife’s list is trying to prove I’m a bigot towards women, because I’m openly critical of modern women. Because apparently honesty and holding people to standards is synonymous with bigotry.

So, to everyone who hate-reads my blog, I have a few questions: Why did I fight with all my strength to be able to keep my daughter in my life? Why did I want a daughter more than a son, in the first place? Why is my daughter still, and forevermore, the most precious thing in my life? Why do I prefer writing female main characters in my books? Why is my greatest idol, Margaret Thatcher, a woman? Why did I prefer Tulsi Gabbard to win the 2020 election even more than I wanted Trump to win? Why would I repeatedly say in previous posts that men are less crucial to the survival of our species (more expendable) than women?

I’m just speaking in your language, leftists. The language of Weak and Stupid. I’m not a bad person … you haters are just weak and stupid. You hate in order to make yourselves feel you’re not.

My actions more than prove I am not a bigot, toward any group. What I hate is bad ideas. What I hate is when people choose to ignore reality and truth. But even if I didn’t have concrete examples proving I’m not a bigot, left-wingers who read my blog will still have all their work ahead of them in proving I have done anything in my life with the intention of oppressing women. Actions matter most. If anyone wants to paint me as a Bill (from my earlier hypothetical scenario), then good luck finding an example where I ruined someone’s life, simply because of their sex or race or whatever, like if Bill had refused to help that injured slave.

I don’t hate, I believe in truth, and I hold standards.

So, in the dark years ahead, everyone who gets targeted by the tyrannical Left need only resist. If you know you’re not what they are trying to paint you as, there’s no reason it should affect you emotionally. Don’t apologize for something you haven’t done, or for something you don’t think.