Tyranny is Coming

In 2016, when I voted for Hillary Clinton specifically to help prevent Trump from getting elected, and then Trump got elected, I remember being terrified, but not because I thought he was a fascist. I thought Trump was too stupid and childish to be given the nuclear codes. I never believed Russia rigged the election in his favor (even Obama didn’t believe that), and I never believed Trump would revoke our rights. I only believed his stupidity would cause WWIII, and I thankfully turned out to be wrong.

So, when I say that tyranny is coming because Biden is in office, I cannot say I hope I am wrong, because it’s already happening. The censorship of everyone with the “wrong opinions” is already taking place. Just days out from Biden’s inauguration, Parler, which is the free speech alternative to Twitter, was removed from the big tech companies that hold total power over the internet.

I don’t expect most of the impending tyranny to come from Biden. I only expect, and know, Biden will be the empty shell who helps make it possible. The Georgia Senate runoff election was the election of greater importance than who the president would be, and Democrats won both seats up for grabs. For total power, the Left only needed to win the Senate, and now they have it. The fact they hold the White House only makes it worse. The Left now controls the entire Federal government.

The Left also controls the media, and they control the Big Five tech companies who have dominion over the internet. The Left has controlled the media and Big Five for a long time, but that was bearable as long as they didn’t have total control over the government as well. But now they do.

They’re all whores for the Democratic party.

Besides, Biden himself has already openly admitted he has a discriminatory agenda. He will favor non-whites, he will favor women, and his overall spinelessness means he will do anything the Left screams at him to do. Biden, and the whole Federal government, will not equally apply the law to all, they will openly – emphasis on the word ‘openly’ – favor some far above others.

Disagreeing with the Left will be met with censorship. That’s where we are now. What is coming next? Locking people up for disagreeing with the Left. Get ready for wokeness to become policy now

Biden himself is not a tyrant, he’s just the tool for authoritarians, who don’t believe in freedom of speech, the right to defend one’s self with firearms, or to be treated as an individual. He’s the empty shell they always wanted. It will only be worse if he dies in office and Copmala Harris takes his place.

To everyone who voted for Biden and for Democratic senators … your weakness will come at great cost to us all, including yourselves.