Weakness is Our Greatest Enemy

The greatest enemy facing western society is the same enemy that has faced mankind since our species first split off from other hominids. That enemy is weakness.

Most people think the Great Enemy is death, but I disagree. The fact that life is finite is exactly what gives life purpose. If we lived forever, there’d be no reason to do anything, and nothing in life would have value. I could write an entire other post elaborating on this, but I will leave it there. Death is our short-term enemy and long-term best friend. It is not the Great Enemy, it is actually what saves us from the curse of eternity.

Weakness is the Great Enemy. Weakness destroys. Weakness ignores reality. Weakness is the source of cowardice. Weakness is the food source of all difficulties in life.

Strength builds. Strength preserves. Strength eliminates difficulty.

It seems most people have a skewed, or oftentimes ass-backwards perception of what strength and weakness are. I will make a short list, but a good summation is simply this:

If it’s easy to do, then it’s the weak thing to do.

It’s easier to give up than to persevere. It’s easier to destroy than to build. It’s easier to be selfish than to put others first. It’s easier to take than to sacrifice. It’s easier to run away than to fight. It’s easier to blame others than to blame yourself. It’s easier to be impulsive than to remain composed. It’s easier to be stubborn than to consider different opinions. It’s easier to keep believing what you want than to seek and accept the truth.

Many things people perceive as weakness are actually the polar opposite. It takes strength to be humble. It takes strength to admit fault and apologize. It takes strength to compromise than to choose to remain enemies.

Weak people, as in people whose actions are primarily, or entirely weak behaviors, are the ones who make the world a worse place. By the way, that’s what I’m talking about in this post: Weak behavior. I’m not talking about people who can only lift 50 pounds versus people who can lift 500 pounds. We all carry weakness in some form – that’s the essence of being mortal – but what I’m talking about with this post is people whose behaviors are weak. People whose actions stem from weakness. Everyone wants to give in to their emotions, everyone wants to be selfish, everyone wants to have more than anyone else.

It’s when we choose to be strong that matters. We are all weak on the inside, in various ways, but our actions don’t have to reflect that. The stronger we all choose to be, the stronger we become overall.

In my next post, I will talk about people who are weak at their core, meaning they will be weak for their entire lives.