The Juvenile Half of the Population

The very essence of being left-wing is living life calling everything unfair, and then trying to force everything in life to be fair.

Well, life isn’t fair. The sooner you accept that unchangeable fact, the sooner you can effectively deal with it. And I know what the left-wingers in my audience will respond with. “Life’s not fair because of right-wingers like you!” No, the ones who prove your own philosophy to be childish and false is … yourselves.

The realistic way to improve life is to simply try to find ways to improve it, instead of trying to eliminate differences altogether. Not everyone can be as rich as Elon Musk, not everyone can be as mixed-race as I am, and not everyone can be as smart as Einstein or da Vinci. Differences are a good thing; stop trying to eliminate them.

Besides, ‘difference’ is in the eye of the beholder, anyway. We are all stardust.

The more you try to even things out, the more unfair you make everything. Forcing rent to be cheaper makes landlords go bankrupt. Forcing everyone to have health insurance makes it more expensive. (Hell, even universal healthcare cheapens the quality of the care, not to mention decreasing the chances you’ll get treated at all.) Forcing everyone to ‘not be racist’ only amplifies tensions between races, and doesn’t fix a damned thing. Forcing everyone to have the same level of wealth makes everyone equally poor, and not to mention makes the biggest wealth gap of them all, between government officials/enforcers and average citizens.

To be left-wing is to not understand human nature. Or at the very least, to be in denial about human nature (as I was when I was of the Left).

Notice the Left can never achieve anything it wants without trying to force it. That alone says it all.

Not to mention, everyone on the left always turns out to be the exact thing they oppose. They oppose sexism, but hate men. They oppose racism, but hate whites. They oppose poverty, but want to implement a system (socialism) that makes every citizen poor and the tyrannical government rich.

The more the Left does … anything, the more they prove their worldview is ignorant and counterproductive to the very things they want. In all their attempts to make life more ‘fair,’ the worse they make it for everybody, including themselves.

This is why someone long ago coined the phrase, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old, you have no brain.”

Because the left-wing worldview makes perfect sense when you don’t understand the world, or human nature … or nature itself. When you think about it, left-wing politics is not so much a ‘side’ of the political spectrum, it’s more of how adults define a childish view of life itself. They want to believe animals are perfect and only humans do evil things. It’s like seeing the world through Disney cartoons, as if all animals are like dogs and they’re just perfect and amazing and they can talk. Clearly, no left-winger has ever seen baby chicks push their siblings out of the nest to their deaths, or seen a lioness cannibalize a lion cub that doesn’t belong to its pride.

Human beings are not inherently good. There’s no way you can be left-wing while also understanding that most people are self-serving and susceptible to the corruption that comes with power. It’s a fantasy. That’s the short version of everything I’m saying here. Left-wing politics is varying degrees of living in a fantasy.

Say all you want about religious right-wingers, at least they still understand that a person’s sex is chosen by biology and not feelings. They may believe Satan used to be a talking snake, but that’s not a political viewpoint.

Take environmentalists for example. They always ignore the fact that the Earth has, in the past, been through far, far worse than anything humans could do to it in the future, and that the Earth really does not need our help to survive, at all. That belief is also incredibly arrogant and self-important. They also ignore the fact that nature is literally-constantly trying to kill us. Seriously, there’s a reason we build houses, and farm food, and invented antibiotics, and invented sunscreen, and have to wear extra layers for half the year.

But being left-wing is a good starting point, so long as you actually learn as you age. The wiser you get through time, the more you’ll realize your views become ‘right-wing.’ Honestly, I think we should get rid of the concept of left- and right-wing altogether. Tyranny is all the same, whether left-wing or right-wing, and freedom is also the same whether left or right.

The only difference between the two ‘sides’ is reality versus fantasy.

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