Real Woman – Defining the Term

In my last post, I talked about how I respect real women above typical women. I never explained the meaning of the word ‘real’ in this context, though.

‘Real’ means, in this context, what women were always supposed to be. Women are supposed to be mankind’s source of gentleness, kindness, mercy, and most importantly (and obviously), life itself. Their purpose is to make and maintain their families and communities. They are the counterbalance of men, who are protectors and providers of the families and communities women make.

A sense of duty is implied here. There is more to being a woman than just simply being born female. Just like a mother is supposed to be more than just someone who gave birth to someone. A real woman, a real mother, is a woman who fulfills her duty to mankind … and also to herself.

Regarding the last four words of that paragraph… Take my ex-wife for example, because I learned a million lessons from her: My ex-wife did not want to be a parent when we started dating. She only got pregnant because I wanted to be a father, and share my child with her. She even told me at one point that she considered giving me complete guardianship of our child if our relationship failed before she gave birth. She only changed her mind after giving birth, seeing our daughter for the first time. And that’s what I mean by ‘a real woman fulfills her duty to mankind and to herself.’ When you are biologically built to do something, it usually enriches your life to do it, even if you think you don’t want to.

Everything I’ve explained so far goes even deeper… Back in the old days, as in thousands of years ago, but even today in some parts of the world still, women put their lives at risk giving birth. It’s still extremely painful to give birth, but without modern medical advancements, women had about a 1/3 chance of dying in childbirth. So, what I’m getting at is, women were, and were always meant to be, just as tough and dutiful as men. Men risked their lives protecting and providing, and women risked their lives creating life.

Women have always been smaller and weaker than men. For example, even if I encountered a woman who is my exact height, I would still be much stronger than she is, and I don’t weightlift (anymore). So, women have always had to live with the fact they are the weaker half of a species (homo sapiens) that is already pretty pathetic. Seriously, chimpanzees are more physically powerful than any of us. Humans are lame. But anyway, women have always had to live with the fact they are weak, and have to rely on men to protect for them, and provide for them as well when they are pregnant. They have always been far less inclined to be brave, because Mother Nature didn’t want them risking their lives.

So, women have always had these obstacles in the first place. They were still tough as nails, back in the day, compared to women of today. They still very much had a sense of duty, which didn’t just stop at childbirth, it also included respecting men and trying to make the far-more difficult lives of men easier, in any way they could. (That’s why Mom always wants to give Dad something to eat while he’s working on the car. That’s an ancient instinct at work.)

But with technology, in general, advancing as far as it has, the concept of ‘duty’ has become a strictly-masculine trait, because childbirth is virtually no longer a risk. In fact, technology has degraded women overall. Now, women don’t feel the need to find fulfilment in creating families, or remain faithful to one man, they can just earn a bunch of money (from men) starting an OnlyFans account, and live solely for themselves.

(That is, until age catches up to them and men no longer desire them and they have to start actually working for a change and then they realize they wasted their best years being reckless and careless and now they don’t have a family except the older relatives they already had, who probably aren’t gonna feel sorry for her for wasting so much of her life.)

So, all of this is what I mean by ‘real women’ versus ordinary women. I’m referring to what women ought to be. These days, the average woman is only technically a woman. These days, women are only physically women, but not women in spirit. Their weaknesses, mental and physical, have gotten the better of them, from living in a culture that is apathetic toward debauchery and carelessness. Women are supposed to be self-centered, but these days, society has only amplified that tenfold. Not to mention, social media has made it damn-near impossible for women to truly grow up, because now they can just get attention from the whole wide world, instead of one man. They still get boyfriends, but they still just can’t help showing so much cleavage in their pictures….

Which just makes me respect real women even more. They have so much to overcome, from the fact they have always been smaller and weaker than men, to the temptation they get from our miserable culture, and yet their strength of character still prevailed against it all.

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  1. Are you suggesting that infertile woman are not ‘real’? What about lesbians who have no desire to reproduce with a man? Are they lesser woman who should be viewed as less respectable than woman in heterosexual relationships?


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