Why I Respect Real Women More Than Anyone Else

More than any other group of people, regardless of how you could categorize people, from hair color, to race, to nationality, to personality, doesn’t matter – the group of people I respect the most in life are real women.

Not women in general (certainly not), but rather, REAL women. There is a night-and-day difference between ‘a woman’ and ‘a real woman.’

I respect real women above real men. I respect them above military commanders, above leaders of nations, above geniuses … above literally everybody else, at least anyone who holds those titles and nothing else. Why is this? Because it has to do with being a woman in general, and the fact of what makes a real woman in the first place.

One of the hardest truths to swallow in life is the fact that women … are weak creatures. Everything they do is derived from weakness. Their entire personalities are shaped by weakness. Whether they were the queen bee in high school, or the shy girl from high school, it doesn’t matter, everything about them comes from weakness. They gossip because they find safety in knowing everyone’s thoughts and personal issues. Or, if they are shy, it is because they find safety in staying completely detached from everybody’s business. This hardly changes after they become adults. Most women in their 20s and 30s and 40s still focus heavily on whatever makes them feel secure, whether that is continuing to be a gossip girl, or hooking up with terrible men, or accusing men of horrible things when those men are completely innocent. Good or bad, for better or for worse, my point is, the need to feel secure is a constant, every minute of every day.

Take my ex-wife for example. The reason she wanted sole custody of our child had nothing to do with what she thought was moral, or best. Conceited people have no concept of morality, they only understand what they want. The word for it is solipsism. With my ex-wife, it was entirely, 100%, about feeling secure. Because sole custody came with free money (in the form of “child support”, and huge tax refunds, and government handouts, etc.), and it also came with power. Because weak people, male or female, but particularly female, need to take whatever they can, in any possible way they can, in order to feel secure. Having power is also an ultimate way to feel secure. Ever seen what a woman does when she can’t get men to do what she wants? She loses her mind.

Weakness is why most women come across as cold and heartless. It’s because, well, most of them are, and they are because they are weaker than men. They did not evolve to be brave, they did not evolve to be sacrificial, they did not evolve to put others first. They evolved to put themselves first. I’ve already talked on this blog about how that was beneficial for our species (namely how it was necessary for raising infants). The reason this so often goes awry, especially in our technological age, is because conceitedness is always a thin line to balance on.

Now, everything I have described so far is applicable to most women. Like 99% of women. Here’s the part about why I admire REAL women, the superior 1%, so damn much, and why I admire them above even the greatest of men.

What makes them real women is the fact they have been cured of their inherent weakness. They have qualities they do not need to have. They have qualities women did not evolve to have.

They will put others before themselves, they can live by morals and virtue even if it doesn’t benefit them, they are strong instead of just pretending to be strong.

Margaret Thatcher is my greatest idol. But she is by far not the only example of a real woman I can think of. I know some real women in my personal life, like Lana, and my best friend’s wife, and a couple other women. I also know of real women in the public sphere, like Tulsi Gabbard, Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy), and Condoleezza Rice.

Women evolved to think and function very similarly to infants and toddlers. They cry to get attention and to influence others to do things for them. They get damaged by criticism instead of absorbing it. They need to be coddled all the time… For example, when Oprah regained her excessive weight, people cheered for her, instead of criticizing her (because obesity is very unhealthy). Why did they cheer? Because regardless of what a woman does, she can’t function without constant reinforcement. But when I think of Margaret Thatcher, and Tulsi Gabbard, I am pretty damn certain that those women would never need to be babied, like most women need. Not by a long shot.

Women are more important to our species, while men are more expendable. The fact that men are more expendable is what gives us the power to be stronger, and just better people overall. Being more expendable makes it possible for us to put others first, and sacrifice for those we love. Being less important to our species is precisely what shaped and defined masculinity for all of human history. So, yes, with this post I am saying that the greatest women are more masculine than feminine.

But here’s why I respect it more in great women than great men.

It’s because men are supposed to be that way. It’s our duty. It’s what we were built for. But a real woman is this way when women did not evolve to be that way, AND even when society itself never expects women to be that way.

Basically, I’m saying that what makes a real woman is the fact that she is so filled with strength, and virtue, and wisdom, that she became something amazing that she doesn’t need to be. There’s no benefit to being a moral person, but real women are moral anyway. There’s no benefit to being sacrificial, but real women are sacrificial anyway. It is because these qualities are not required of women, nor are they inherent to women, that makes me admire them so damn much.

Real women do not use men for their money, status, or physique. Real women simply choose who they love and they commit to that person no matter what happens. While an ordinary woman sits around waiting for her man to do things for her, a real women cares nothing about what her man can do for her and instead always looks for ways to serve her man. Just as men ought to be and is expected of them.

Real women do not tear their families apart for self-serving reasons, or really for any reason.

Real women make sure everyone in their life is taken care of before they worry if their own needs are being met.

Real women wouldn’t possibly imagine joining sites like OnlyFans, or becoming “Instagram models” because they see their bodies as precious treasures that they want to give to one man and one man only … instead of splitting that treasure into millions of shares, as if being traded on the fucking NY stock exchange.

Margaret Thatcher is my greatest idol for reasons too numerous to list in this post. But what I respected most about her is her conviction. She did not give one flippity fuck what people thought of her. What mattered to her most in life was doing her duty to the people of Great Britain. She viewed being a politician as truly being a public servant.

And for the dimwits who think I hate women, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Having high standards/expectations for women is a sign of love and respect. Having low standards/expectations would be abhorrent. Any woman can become a real woman; she only has to choose to be. If society held all women to this standard, most women would be real women, and they’d be the norm. I have had conversations with many real women who agree with my perspective. In fact, it is knowing real women in my personal life that gave me this perspective in the first place.