Balance, Not Equality

Certainly one of the most surprising things I have learned as I grow older and wiser is how deceptive the word ‘equality’ is.

Yet another reason I became a right-winger around a year ago is: Equality is detrimental. What we should all strive for in society is balance.

Balance is far superior.

Like a math equation. We all know the rule about equations: “Everything you to do one side you must do to the other.” It really is kind of like that in life. Because like in a math equation, the two sides of the equals signs are different, but they balance each other. Two different variables that amount to the same result. Except in society, there are many, many variables, and the result everyone wants is safety, survival, peace, and prosperity.

I could talk about wealth balance, or balance in law, but in this post I will talk about balance between the sexes. (The others will be for other posts.)

One of the reasons I fervently believe feminism is the most genius misogyny ever conceived, is because in its attempt to make women superior, it wants to strip women entirely of their femininity. It sees femininity as a problem in itself. Femininity is the nature of being nurturing, and creating more people. How is there any room for superiority with that? The mere idea of female supremacy is, inherently, anti-woman. Same goes with equality. Men are task-oriented, they are providers, they are protectors. These are things women shouldn’t do unless they must. (They will also never be as proficient in these things as men, anyway.) Feminism wants women to believe that being provided for is wrong, as if focusing on family instead of career or politics is wrong… Feminism itself is one giant attempt to make women see themselves as men; that is why it’s the ultimate misogyny.

No one hates femininity more than feminists.

Masculinity and femininity naturally balance each other. It’s not something anyone needs to think about if people just let men and women be who they naturally are.

Because women are NOT men. I openly acknowledge that women are weaker than men physically and mentally, but it is feminists and their sympathizers who see that as being ‘lesser.’ No, women are the balance of men.

Any time to spend doing anything in life is less time you spend doing other things. Our species used to understand this when it came to nurturing versus providing. That is why women stayed with the community while men were out risking their lives to gather food and resources. The more men provided, the less they nurtured. The more women nurtured, the less they could provide. That is balance.

One of the asinine accusations my ex-wife leveled at me was that I bother taking care of our daughter shortly after she was born. It’s asinine because I trusted my wife with that task, and I knew she would always be better at it than I am. Keep in mind: Our daughter wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t want to be a father. Because my ex-wife didn’t want to be a mother. Basically, she allowed herself to get pregnant as a gift to her husband. That is why her claim that I didn’t care about our daughter was unfathomably idiotic.

I did not pretend to be her equal in that task. I allowed her caretaking abilities to balance my need to provide for my girls.

Let me list all the different ways men and women balance each other…

Women are more valuable to the survival of our species, but men are physically and mentally superior and have better character.

The world belongs to men, but the household belongs to woman.

Men are built to serve those they love even at the expense of their own lives, while women are built to be conceited creatures, in order to draw in the right man to make sure he protects and provides for the whole family.

I want to expand on that second one. People never seem to think about the importance of the household. Everything we do as a society, and everything we do as individuals, is all for the household. It’s so that we have a home to come back to. A home is sacred. It is a place of peace. It is a small bit of this world that belongs solely to us, where we get to safely spend time being with our family. It is a small bit of this world where we can retreat from the world itself.

This is why I say a woman’s place and highest priority needs to be the home. Keeping the home, and making – literally making – people to grow up in it (also called children). This is true no matter your culture, geographic location, or beliefs. We have all been conditioned to believe that’s sexist and outdated, but in reality, it’s asinine to believe otherwise. The importance of the home is one of the very few ways all human beings are the same. The home is supreme to all other things. Only those you love are more important than your home. The home is more important than an office, a factory, a car, a ship, a school, a library, a park … you name it.

So, if you want to claim it’s sexist for me to believe and say that it is the duty of women to prioritize their home above all other things, then have at it. Science and statistics are on my side here. The happiest and healthiest women are those who do exactly this, instead of getting stressed out trying to hold a career. The reason is not strictly because of how important the home is, but also because women evolved to keep their homes anyway. It’s the arrangement we had as a species for literally since the beginning of our existence as a species.

Women are happier when they are not stressed out. Women are happier and healthier when they are nurturing their family, friends, and community.

A real man wouldn’t want his woman being stressed out all the time with work, nor would he want her putting her safety at risk working jobs that he ought to be doing. I would want my woman to let me do the fighting for her, to put myself at risk for her, to do the difficult, strenuous tasks for her. I would want these things so that her happiness, and literally her lifespan, is maximized.

Men are built to do the difficult stuff. We are not stronger physically and mentally for no reason. We are stronger so that our women don’t have to be.

THAT is the balance. That’s what it ought to be everywhere. To abandon that balance is foolishness on a massive scale. Women are statistically, measurably becoming more miserable with each passing decade since the 1960s, ever since “women’s empowerment” started gaining momentum. No, I do not want women to be empowered, I want men to do the difficult shit for them. Deep down, women know they want that, too. We are built to protect and provide, they are built to be mothers and nurturers.

Balance is superior to equality.