Men Need to Serve

A year ago, I wrote a post called Men Want to Serve. What I think it failed to explain is … men need to serve.

Whether anyone says it out loud or not, it still remains obvious that many people believe men are not needed anymore apart from their sperm. As hilariously untrue as that is, there are still far too many people who believe it. From depicting every man on TV as a buffoon, to mothers destroying their own families en masse because they arrogantly believe they are the only parent their child needs, it is quite obvious how people feel about men these days.

Ever since we decided a few decades ago that kids only need their mother, more than ever before in history, families are either in endless turmoil, or they are outright broken. Hmm, let’s see… We switched over to favoring women when it comes to all family legal matters, and … things have only gotten substantially worse. Psh! There can’t be a connection, right?

As you may have read in Men Want to Serve, and/or may have noticed because you have functioning eyeballs, women are conceited creatures. While men have the instinct to leap over a cliff to save everyone in a car that fell off the same cliff …, women do not possess that same instinct. Going off to war, voluntarily, to defend loved ones is not an instinct they possess.

And yet, they are trying to replace us.

It is a statistical fact that women are becoming less happy with each passing decade for the past 5 decades. What else has been happening in the past 5 decades? Their rights have increased and they increasingly receive handed-out opportunities. They are earning their own money and surviving off that money [I say with an asterisk] more than ever before in history. So, why the steady increase in misery? Because it’s not what they really want. Millions upon millions of women have been brainwashed into thinking they want to replace men … and they only keep realizing more and more what a heavy burden it is to be a man. This is why I believe feminism is the greatest misogyny ever devised. It’s a genius trap; the perfect wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing imaginable.

Women have psyches very similar to that of children. They have needed to, for hundreds of thousands of years, because for all of human history, they have raised infants and toddlers more than men, and you need to think a lot like infants and toddlers in order to know how to take care of them. The problem with women in the modern age trying to replace men is … they still have the same brains they’ve had for countless thousands of years, and with their childlike perspective of masculinity, they think power is just power, and that men only have more money simply because they’re men.

No. Everything men have had for all of human history came at tremendous cost. It comes with high risk, great sacrifice, exhausting persistence, and even aggression at times. All things that women are not inclined to do on a daily basis. It’s good that half our species has always been gentle and nurturing and more agreeable and less aggressive. That’s always been a damn-good thing. This is where I’m coming from in trying to explain what a shit idea it is for women to try to replace men.

Not to mention, it just isn’t working, anyway. 99.99% of the women I come across in a year are still far more feminine than masculine. The ones who try the hardest to be masculine, like woman bosses, are not the best at their jobs and they appear far more overwhelmed than happy. It goes much further than that. Women still need a plethora of safety nets just to be in male-dominated professions. Women still feel uncomfortable very easily. Women are still not risk-takers. Women still prefer to socialize than remain focused on manual work. Women are still smaller and far less strong, and that is an undeniable fact. And you don’t need to look any further than Instagram to see that women still, very much, want to be admired for their looks.

No matter how much feminism has brainwashed women to try to replace men, it just isn’t working, in literally every way. Men are still men, and women are still women. The only thing that has been achieved is that women are now more miserable than ever before in all human history, and men are less masculine than ever before. Oh, and kids are growing up in broken homes more than ever before.

That is seriously all that’s been accomplished. In other words, literally nothing is better than before.

This is why men need to start stepping up and being men again. Stop believing in the nonsense myth of ‘toxic masculinity’ and step up and save women from themselves. The more women try to replace us, the more they realize what a heavy burden it is to be male. But we are built to deal with these burdens. It’s why Mother Nature made us stronger, more durable, and more task-oriented. It’s the entire purpose of our existence.

The olden days were not misogynistic. That’s so false it’s laughable. Neither sex was oppressed in the olden days. The sexes were truly equal in the olden days, at least in western nations like England and the US. Just because both sexes had ‘their place,’ that does not mean for a second that either was oppressed. Things were expected of men, because men are men. Things were expected of women, because women are women. Men are bigger and task-oriented, women are smaller and more geared to be nurturers. Men are built to serve, women are built to be mothers.

We weren’t ignorant in the olden days, we are ignorant now.

People act as if the universe popped into existence a few centuries ago. People keep pointing to the ‘old way’ of doing things as if that’s when time itself started. As if the world suddenly came into existence just a little while ago, and men rushed to take control of women everywhere. As if everything men have had, from money, to power, was only because they were the first ones to rush to take it from women. No, that is profoundly ignorant thinking. Point to any, literally any, point in recorded history, and you will still have tens of thousands of years of human history preceding that. Men and women have coexisted since the very beginning, and over the course of countless millennia, both sexes figured out the best way to coexist. Marriage was the most ingenious invention of them all. (Even arranged marriage is better than the hookup culture we have now.)

Now, I’m even seeing countless people going even further than all this shit, trying to say that ‘woman’ means literally anything you want it to mean. No, this nonsense needs to stop. Men need to be men again. Masculine men are now outnumbered by skinny jeans-wearing, beta male boys. (Seriously, go into any crowded area, and just count the number of muscly men versus the number of skinny guys with pretty faces.) Imagine if all men in the world became like what we see from K-pop boybands… Women would truly be on their own to protect themselves from the elements, from each other, from animals, and from predatory men (because the only strong males still in existence at that point would be rapist predators).

We have failed women in allowing them to become so ‘empowered.’ I am well-aware that the world now believes that anybody who doesn’t want women to be empowered is sexist, but that’s part of the brainwashing. No, some men, the few real men that are left, are trying to save women from themselves. Nothing, absolutely nothing, improved after we started giving women everything they demanded. They clearly didn’t know what they were demanding. Now, everyone comes from a broken family, everybody is overly-stressed out, and everybody is just plain miserable. Everyone except the people who have lifestyles opposite of this bullshit.

Besides, the whole idea of replacing men is self-contradictory when you really think about it. In the end, absolutely nothing gets changed. Half the population would still be one way, and the other half would be the other way. Everything would be exactly the same, just with everything being swapped. It’s asinine.

Men need to serve. Lately, as of the past few decades, we’ve been failing to do so. It’s time to save women from themselves.

SWFT – Save Women From Themselves