Who Is Like God? (and My Other Upcoming Books)

In mid-2018, I published a short book about my life so far, that focused particularly on my years with my best friend, who is a devout Christian, while I have been an atheist for most of the time we’ve known each other.

The last chapter of that book was about how I married my greatest love, and became a father like I always wanted. I unpublished the book less than a year later, because my wife left me and thus the ending of the book was rendered misleading. It implied a ‘happily ever after.’

Well, a few months ago I decided to write the book again, only this time it’s a full-on novel, and it will have fictional aspects to make the story smoother and more engaging. I will still aim to make sure it’s at least 51% true.

And in the book, I will depict what I think the rest of our lives would have looked like if my ex-wife didn’t do everything she’s done. If she had stayed the person I fell so deeply in love with. It will depict everything I believe would be different, very different, if we became a family again, instead of remaining a broken family like she wants.

The name of the book, Who Is Like God?, is the meaning of my first name. It won’t just explore my background and my history with my best friend, it will also explore the philosophical discussions we’ve had since he is a Christian and I’m an atheist.

I will be posting the chapters online as I write them. There will be an update when I begin. Also, I will be writing my other books in the meantime and posting them in the same place. One of them is a rewrite of Remnant, my first novel.