What Made Me Right-Wing

As we age, we (are supposed to) become wiser. My entire worldview was left-wing, which is why I resisted the wisdom I have gradually acquired as I have grown older. I resisted because I wanted my left-wing worldview to be true. What do I mean?

Well, let’s look at the definition of ‘left-wing politics’ first. It is defined as: A support for social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in societ whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged, as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.

In short, ‘left-wing politics’ is about making society even for all. This is why at the far-end of the left-wing side is communism, a utopian idea where there are no differences between anybody whatsoever. Sometimes people are left-wing when it comes to fiscal matters, and sometimes people are left-wing when it comes to … everything.

Now, let’s look at the definition of ‘right-wing politics.’ It is defined as: The view that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal, and/or desirable, typically supporting this position on the basis of natural law, economics, or tradition.

In short, ‘right-wing politics’ is the belief that there are unavoidable differences in society and those differences must be accepted.

I have known these definitions for years, and I used to think they’re both true. But the older I get, the more I realize the right-wing view is accurate, and the left-wing view is a fantasy. People are left-wing when they don’t know any better, which is why young people are always overwhelmingly left-wing. Being young means being a rebel, and wanting to change the world, and wanting everything to be perfect. That’s what most people want, including right-wingers. The differences is, right-wingers understand many things will never change no matter how much you want them to, like, for example, the stark differences between men and women. Left-wingers assert that men and women can be the same in every way, while right-wingers assert that men and women never have and never will be the same.

I was staunchly left-wing until about the time I turned 29. Even during that time of my life, I opposed social justice warriors, feminism, and all the other extremes of the Left. I hated these groups even though they were part of my side. But that’s not what made me right-wing. I knew, and of course still know, that the extremes of both sides are dangerous and detrimental for everyone. It didn’t sway me from the Left at all just because the radicals of the Left started representing the Left as a whole. No, what changed me from being left-wing, over to the right-wing, was women.

It was when I started realizing that women most certainly are not, and cannot, be the same as men in just about any regard, that I started to become right-wing. Even more so, it dawned on me that women could never be equal to men, either. I always knew that men are bigger and stronger, but I thought that was as far as the ‘unchangeable differences’ went. Nope. It dawned on me that women evolved to be mothers. Every animal in nature has males and females, but what I came to realize about women, which are human females, is how the ‘human’ aspect shaped women’s nature.

Women are built to give birth and care for human babies, which are completely helpless and take a ridiculously-long time to fully grow, and even after we fully grow, humans are still rather pathetic creatures, physically. Thus, we evolved with stringent gender roles, for hundreds of thousands of years. These stringent gender roles are what made it possible for our species to become as intelligent as it is.

We discovered fire, and that made it possible to eat meat, and then we started hunting meat, which required us to make tools, and then as we ate meat, our brains grew, and as our brains grew, we required more time to fully grow. Since we are so helpless and intelligent, half the adults, women, had to stay behind and watch over their kids, while men were out doing the dangerous stuff that women didn’t have the time nor the capability of doing, because if women had put themselves at risk, they would die just as often as the men, and thus too many kids would grow up without parents, and thus wouldn’t grow up at all, or at least grow up with the knowledge and skills their parents could teach them.

So, that’s what I mean by how gender roles made it possible for our species to be intelligent in the first place.

Thus, men and women most certainly think differently, and function differently.

And when you think about it, left-wing politics in general stems from innate feminine thinking. Seriously, think of things left-wingers say, just in general, and notice how it perfectly lines up with how women think.

So, it should be no surprise that nations that embrace communism fail, every single time. We all want the world to be united and for all unfairness to be fixed, but that’s never going to happen, especially since some inequalities are actually good. We all want Earth to be like the Garden of Eden, where animals talk and they don’t eat each other. But the more you try to force that (communism), the more you realize it’s not possible. That’s why communists always say they just have to try it differently next time. There is always a next time. There is always a “well, that wasn’t real communism.” Exactly, because there is no such thing as real communism.

The more the Left tries to ‘end racism,’ the more racist they get, even to the point of antagonizing the very races they claim to be defending. I’ve heard many black conservatives say they get called racist names all the time by liberals.

The more the Left tries to make the sexes equal, the more they end up being female supremacists. Deep down, we all know they are female supremacists. Why? Because women are weaker and “have been more oppressed,” so therefore, it’s their turn to dominate, or something.

The more the Left tries to make everyone’s wealth the same, the poorer they end up making everyone. Also, wealth inequality has never been eliminated, no matter which society you look at, capitalist or socialist. It only gets worse under socialist regimes. Which socialist regimes? All of them.

The more the Left tries to equalize political power amongst everyone… Well, this one never even starts to happen, at all. There will always be those with power and those with none. Always.

My point is, everything – and I do mean everything – that the Left does ends up proving right-wing philosophy more and more correct, and their own worldview false.

The older I get, the more I realize that everyone who is left-wing is either ignorant (which can be fixed), or evil (which cannot be fixed).

Left-wing thinking in general is based in weakness. It is seeking policy that glorifies weakness. It seeks to make the weak supreme. Weak people need to be taken care of, and the Left’s entire political agenda always has and always will be to force people to give privileges to those they perceive to be weak and inferior. Strong people prefer to take care of themselves and their loved ones, and encourage others to learn how to do the same. THAT is the core difference between the Left and Right, and always will be.


  1. Very well written and with great elaboration. There are differences amongst all things in this world, including men and women, their. Value is equal, but they’re not the same, because if they were the same nothing would get accomplished. If both mom and dad do the same thing, hunt, who’s gonna care for the young? A man wouldn’t just allow their wife to go out there and get the bacon while they stay at home, no woman would respect that, so gender roles simply make sense. Everyone does their part to build something great, and it takes wisdom to accept the truth.
    Again, great post 👏 👏


  2. You are such a psychopath LMAO, no wonder your wife left you after you controlled her when she was practically still a child, manipulated her into having your baby, and providing for you because you refused to get a job. What a pathetic excuse for a person. You’re just like your brother. Grow up.


  3. I, as a white female totally agree with you. The more political correctness is forced down everyone’s throats, the more division it causes. It leaves no room for discussion and hence tolerance. I think differences should be embraced…that is the answer.

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  4. My thought is you start leaning right when accept self responsibility for your life and actions, the left minded people can always find something or someone to blame.

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    1. Exactly, the moment I stopped making excuses, I noticed results, next thing I know i went from left to right, now I’m doing right ✅


  5. Does difference equal non equality? In my mind it’s intrinsic to our differences as man and woman that we come to know that we are equals. I suppose you will say this is not logical. But I would like to hear your reasons why?


    1. To the Left, differences of any kind are inequality. Years ago I read a Cracked article about how we need to eliminate race altogether by strictly breeding with people of different races. And we have been hearing nonstop the past several years about how trans people truly are the sex they want to be and it’s bigotry to disagree with that… So, it never ends. The Left, by its very nature, always needs there to be a problem. Fix one problem, they’ll find another.

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  6. If you would accept a challenge on what you said. I feel you may have missed a valuable point.
    Your premise is based on the principle of weak and strong, missing the fact that we’re all weak in one way or another and also ALL strong in one way or another.

    To use your own point, women who raise children are no weaker than men who hunt, only doing a different hard job. Also, just as clumping all people of one group or another into a category of ‘needing help’ is wrong, so is assuming all people of any one group have the same strengths and weaknesses. No two people are exactly the same and assuming such is both harmful for them and a severe blindness for anyone who makes such an assumption.

    Also, there’s such things as the UK NHS which show that coming together to benefit everyone can work ( not in the way of making everyone equal but certainly in helping everyone face what hardships come their way ). Saying, “We can’t make this world better that way,” doesn’t mean we can’t make the world better or that we should just keep to the status quo, only that, that wasn’t the answer or that we’re missing something.


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