Freedom Destroys EVERY Covid Lockdown Argument

Where’s all the dead homeless people?

It’s absolutely fascinating how many people have obviously never put a minute of thought into this. Whenever people (namely left-wingers) attempt to blame Trump for how this ‘pandemic’ has been handled, it always comes down to their irrational feelings about Trump himself. They do not ever have a single legitimate argument.

The word ‘freedom’ destroys every argument for limiting our rights as Americans. Every single argument. I challenge everyone who thinks they have a good argument for the mask mandates, for the lockdowns, and for every other measure taken by politicians to deal with COVID-19, to actually present a good argument that cannot be easily defeated by freedom.

If you want to wear a mask, then wear a mask. If you want to stay locked up in your basement, then stay locked up in your basement. If you don’t want a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving, then don’t have people over for Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to get infected by your Amazon package, then don’t order a package from Amazon.

When you have all your freedom, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking all the precautions you think are necessary to keep yourself safe. Thus, there is absolutely no justification for authoritarian measures limiting our freedoms to stop the spread of a virus with a 99.5% survival rate.

Is stopping the spread the goal here? Because lockdowns don’t do that. Is the goal to slow the spread? Lockdowns clearly don’t do that, either, especially when you consider the fact that people become far less healthier when they’re stuck in a house indefinitely.

Danger did not come into existence in 2020. There are far deadlier things than COVID-19 that we have no locked down over. This virus still doesn’t hold a candle to heart disease … and yet I don’t see Democrats pushing for abolishing fast food restaurants.

If this virus was the Black Death instead, and like the Black Death, had an 80% death rate, it would STILL be every American’s right to live life as they damn-well please. If I want to risk an 80% chance of dying from a disease going to a movie theater to watch a stupid Disney cartoon, then guess what? That would still be my choice. If I am willing to die to see a stupid movie, that’s my choice.

THIS is why conservatives say these lockdowns are a power grab by Democrats (and some Republicans). THIS is why conservatives say this is all a giant test to see how many of our freedoms we are willing to give up, and see how easily we give them up. A virus with a survival rate of 99.5% has proven to be all it takes for millions of people to comply to ineffective measures to stop a near-harmless virus. Those people probably deserve to lose their freedoms if they’re willing to give them up so easily. (Not saying I advocate for their freedoms to be limited, just saying I don’t feel sorry for them after they complied so easily.)

And to everyone who thinks these measures are necessary, the plain, simple fact is: They’re not. The virus is still here. What exactly is your solution for fixing this, lefties? If the first lockdown worked, why have a second one? If the first lockdown didn’t work, why have a second one? You lefties have no plan except authoritarian measures that make you feel safer. It’s all you have. Just admit that much to me. Just admit you don’t know what you’re doing, you just demand things that make you feel safer.

(Reminds me of how lefties hate nuclear power even though it’s the safest and cleanest energy source we currently have. Lefties don’t like nuclear power simply because their feelings say it isn’t good. Because it has ‘nuclear’ in the name. Pathetic.)