The Process is the Punishment

One of the marks of truly malicious people is the fact they will stop at nothing to get what they want at your expense. In fact, that just might be the very essence of evil itself.

When I was getting divorced, it was 9 months from when we separated to when we legally were divorced. That entire time, I didn’t have the law protecting my rights as a father. Since my ex-wife had more people helping her than I had, as well as far more experience caring for little ones, I was at an enormous disadvantage. Also include the fact I once made a huge mistake that could have harmed our child. Those 9 months were agony, because my ex-wife was demanding, and above all, selfish.

I kindly asked her to have Mondays with our daughter, and she refused. So, I had to force an argument just to get her to even think about the matter. And that’s generally how things were between us before I had the law protecting my rights as a father. It was 9 months of hell. I was almost too depressed and scared to function most days.

That’s not even the most important part here: During this agonizing time of my life, my ex-wife used my anger toward her (because who wouldn’t be angry at someone who behaves like that?) to reinforce her excuse as to why we had to split up. She was making a self-fulfilling prophecy. She acted shitty, which made me angry, and when I got angry, she took advantage of that and said, “See? That proves how horrible he is!”

It’s the most common strategy for selfish women: Push you over the edge, in order to blame you for how you react. And some people really are too stupid to see through it.

Is my ex-wife evil? Well, everyone has benevolence and malice within them, and I’d say my ex-wife just has a little more evil in her than I’d like.

Regardless how things turned out in the end, my ex-wife could be certain of one thing: I suffered during this time. I know she would be satisfied with just that alone. In the end, the court realized she had terrible intentions, and thus sided with me (as much as my state’s biased laws allowed). To this very day, she blames her attorney for the result, even though our judge quoted her own words back to her, to explain why she was making the judgment she gave…

I have noticed this strategy being used outside my personal life, namely with the media. As of writing this post, Joe Biden just won enough electoral college votes to be president. But in the past 5 years leading up to this point in history, the media was nonstop bashing Trump. Nonstop! And at one point recently, Michael Che from SNL said that we should vote for Biden simply because the last 4 years have been so exhausting.

Uh… It was only exhausting because of people like you! You couldn’t get your hatred under control, and so we ALL had to suffer for the last 4 years.

The process is the punishment. Just like those 9 months when I didn’t have the law protecting my rights as a father, it was 9 months of waiting for things to get better. Regarding our political climate though, the Left actually was successful in removing Trump after all that nonstop bashing. So, in that case, the process was the punishment, AND they won in the end… Kind of…

Some people are just truly terrible.