The Victimhood Trap

The other day, I listened to the audio from the first time my ex-wife dragged us to court. When listening to our female judge give her reasons for the judgment she gave, at one point, she brought up the fact my ex-wife and her attorney signed a document that plainly said there was never any abuse.

My ex-wife signed a document, with her attorney, saying I was never abusive. Lock that in your mind.

Then she changed her story during court. And up to this very day, she has insisted I was always abusive. Somebody (Sally, Rue, the best friends, but especially Sally), at some point, told my ex-wife to start thinking of herself as a victim. And because my ex-wife is female, she quickly fell into the pit of the Victimhood Complex.

I’ve talked extensively about how men are the natural defense mechanism of women. While most creatures have their own defense mechanism, women are probably the only mammal who rely entirely on another organism (men) for survival. It’s not a defect, it is supposed to be this way. Humans are already pathetic creatures, including men. We can’t take any of our cousins in a fight, including chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, and that’s true even if you threw a macho bodybuilder into a cage with one of these cousins of ours. And that’s not even saying anything for lions, tigers, bears, wolves, or fucking hippos. So, even big and strong men are no match for just about any other predator, or most mammals in general. Take all that into account, and then remember that women are even weaker than men.

We are a pathetic species, and half of us (women) are only about half as strong as the other half. So, needless to say, women most certainly evolved to rely on men for protection and provision. How do they do this? By influencing us, any way they possibly can. The most effective method? Playing victim.

Playing victim triggers something deeply engrained in a man’s mind. It triggers an unconscious instinct within us. When we see a woman who appears to need rescuing, we are programmed to ignore all logic, all skepticism, and act immediately.

So, I can’t overstate this enough: A woman’s victim card is literally the most powerful weapon she has, because of its ability to control the minds of men with ease.

Did you know we are the only species on Earth that cries with tears? Only humans have tear ducts. I am tempted to believe our species evolved the ability to shed tears because women needed to be as effective as possible in communicating that they need a man’s help. If we (men) didn’t physically see distress on a woman’s face, we’d be less inclined to respond to the situation immediately. Just my theory.

So, all in all, this is why women are so naturally inclined to portray themselves as a victim, whether they truly are or not. Their entire survival, even today, depends on their ability to influence men to protect them, provide for them, make them feel safe, etc. I’m tempted to say that playing the victim is addictive to women. Maybe ‘addictive’ is not the right word. It’s more like … playing victim is too deeply engrained in a woman’s nature for her to resist the urge to do it. So, ‘addictive’ is not the right word, but it’s the same effect nonetheless.

Addiction, habit, instinct… Whatever you want to call it, it’s the same effect whichever way you want to slice it. Once a woman is pushed to play victim, whether by someone close to her, or because she can’t think of any other way to get the things she wants …, she can’t stop. This is what I believe happened with my ex-wife once she realized, right before we went to court the first time, that she doesn’t have any legitimate arguments for removing our daughter from my life, and taking my money.

Remember what I said about how men have that instinct to rescue women. That instinct that bypasses all of our logic and skepticism. This is why everyone in my ex-wife’s bubble chooses to side with her, even though they know I’m not a monster. They side with her blindly because they don’t know me very well, and human tribalism is another instinct that’s nearly impossible to overcome.

It’s easier to act on instinct than to stop and think.

Here’s why playing victimhood is a trap for women. Here’s why it does damage to the very women who frequently play the victim card:

Because it causes them to perpetually think of themselves as victims. It prevents them from growing as people. In the short term, they get everything they want. In the long term, it makes them lose everything they have.

It also hurts women who play the victim card frequently because eventually, everybody sees what manipulative liars they are. It may be a woman’s greatest weapon, but the addictive nature of playing victim causes its effectiveness to wear off over time. Eventually, people will see my ex-wife caused a lot of damage to her family (me and our daughter) for no good reason.

Stay tuned. One of these days I will go over everything she has outright fabricated as abuse, or twisted to look like abuse. That will be a very long video, because I’ll have so much to cover.