Why Men Get Angry

Have you ever seen this video of chimps being rewarded differently for the same work? The experiment was meant to demonstrate that chimps have an innate sense of fairness, but when I watch this video, I see an additional thing. I see what is perhaps an example of the reason animals feel anger in the first place.

Anger is unique to social animals. What is its purpose exactly? It is the emotional response to a perceived wrong.

I only very recently came to understand this. Regardless of the situation, anger always stems from a perceived wrong, which is why I think it’s always an accurate indicator of a person’s character, seeing what makes them angry.

Do they get angry when they are insulted? Do they get angry when something doesn’t go their way? Or do they get angry when something immoral has taken place?

While deep-thinking about this subject, I came to notice that I hardly ever see women get angry. I only see women get annoyed, snobby, apathetic, or sad, but very rarely angry. It seems to happen far, far more often to men. Why is that?

Well, it once again goes back to what I keep saying: Men are built to serve. Women are not. Of course, women get angry, but it’s usually when they have been cheated on, or another girl takes the guy they were interested in before they had a chance … or similar situations. In those cases, that is a perceived wrong, but they are the only times women get angry because women do not possess an innate sense of honor or duty. They only get angry when they are wronged in ways that solely impact themselves.

Men get angry when something is wrong, period.

So, what is the purpose of this emotion? It sounds strange, but when you think about it, anger exists in social animals as a sort of emotional charge to deal with a bad situation. A machine isn’t working right, the weather has been shitty for far too long which means your family can’t enjoy that vacation, or someone stole from you… When we are angry, it is similar to an adrenaline rush. We get angry to have the power to right wrongs.

I’ve come to realize this has a lot to do with why my ex-wife keeps thinking I’m just a big meanie, instead of understanding why I’m angry. She was never angry at me, she was just plain done with me. We had radically-different emotional responses to what happened between us. Emotions are always a subconscious response, including anger, and we never choose subconscious responses to situations. My point being: At a subconscious level, I understood I was deeply wronged by my ex-wife, while she never felt anything of the sort. That is why I have been angry, and she continues to feel nothing. She has no sense of having wronged me, at all.

Even while we were married, I never saw her feel remorse for literally anything. That’s a massive ego.