How Women Have Made Themselves Miserable | Women Series Pt.3

Women have become decreasingly happy since the 1960s, despite the gains in women’s rights, and the increasing feminization of society. What is the reason for this? Put simply, it is because women are fighting a losing battle against their own nature.

This is why I say feminism had to have been started by someone who utterly despises women, because there couldn’t possibly be a more effective trap for making women miserable, than feminism. It is not within a human female’s nature to be ’empowered,’ and it certainly isn’t within their nature to be independent. Nobody is truly independent, anyway.

As discussed in part 1, women did not evolve to be sacrificial, they evolved to make babies and care for babies. This is the reason women have such similar psyches to that of infants: Being sensitive, overly emotional, craving attention, almost never knowing what they want…..

The great lie of feminism is that women want to be the equals of men. As if it’s shameful to be focused more on relationships, familial relationships, than it is to be focused on careers. Women have the gift of creating life, from their own flesh and blood. What could possibly be more special, or more important, to our species?

A woman’s happiness is found in reaching the age of 100, when she looks back at her children, and every generation after them, knowing all those people came her own flesh and blood.

They say it’s sexist to want women to be homemakers. I say that’s nonsense. Everyone, men, women, and children, all hold the home to be the most important thing in their lives. No matter how many friends you have, how much money you have, or how ’empowered’ you are, if you don’t have a home, you have nothing. We all need a place where we feel safe, at peace, and happy. A little space on this planet that belongs to ourselves and our closest family. When a mother is at the center of such a home, the home becomes the place we all feel the most alive.

The home is nothing without a family. And families come from women when they make babies. (Not to mention the simple fact that babies require safe, comfortable homes to live in with both of their parents present.)

But these days, women don’t want to have kids anymore, and when they do make families, they break up those families all for the sake of feeling empowered, and receiving free money. What an utter corruption of their purpose. What a detrimental course of action for literally everyone involved, including the woman who behaves this way.

Women, you are miserable these days for a reason. You aren’t real women anymore. There is no shame in spending your life focused on the family you make. It is a fool’s errand trying to replace men. The more you try to be like us, the more you realize you actually don’t want to be us, from how stressful our jobs are, to the fact we don’t live as long because we are more stressed. Leave our nature to us, and you get back to embracing your own nature. Return to being real women, and you will find happiness again.