An Unbridled Response to John Oliver (Sep 27, 2020)

We’re a republic for a reason. Not a democracy, a republic.

What a piece of shit. What a piece of shit. He goes on a childish tirade about how we need revolution. EVERY totalitarian regime begins with revolution, especially when you want to get rid of every system that prevents you from getting your way. You are throwing a tantrum because Republicans want to do ….. exactly what this country has ALWAYS done, using systems it’s always had. And our 2 parties STILL go back and forth with who has more power, so it’s not like the system is rigged for Republicans to have complete dominating power every single year since the beginning of time. They could play that game if you want, you dumb fuck, but they don’t.

You only want to add states for power. You only want to get rid of the filibuster for power. You want strictly mail-in voting for power (pretending it’s all about public safety from COVID-19, even though you have no problem with people protesting, rioting, or holding a funeral for RBG in person). It’s ALL for power. No wonder you and EVERY OTHER PERSON ON THE LEFT refuses to condemn or even acknowledge the mobs destroying our cities. You endorse it with silence because those people are on your side.

By the way, America’s founders NEVER wanted the country to be a democracy. It’s a republic. Because democracies are mob rule by definition. the minority ….. let me say that again …. the MINORITY …. are stifled and silenced in a democracy. If we had the system you want, Oliver, yes, the Democrats would control everything all the time, and the MINORITY would have no voice whatsoever. In a republic, the majority and minority are on an equal playing field. You bitch about the electoral college as if we have never had Democratic Party presidents. The presidency switches parties every 8 years. We have the electoral college so that fucking California doesn’t decide policy for all the combined states it outnumbers. If we had mob rule, half the US would want to secede, and would actually need to secede, because they would have no voice, because just a few small geographic areas would overpower them, every single time. You dumb fuck, Oliver. You’re a despicable person. A hypocrite, an ignoramus, and you have malicious intentions. You care nothing about the minority unless it’s a group that agrees with you. It’s all about power for you. Fuck off.