Hate is Not the Way | Women Series Pt.2

There are three prominent movements/communities focused on bringing balance to our over-feminized society: 1, MRAs (men’s rights activists), 2, the MGTOW movement, and 3, the incel community.

I do not consider myself part of any of these communities, and it’s for a simple reason: Activists tend to distort their own message through exaggeration or radicalism. True, I haven’t seen radicalism from any of these groups that comes anywhere close to matching the radicalism of feminists, but still, in these groups, there’s too much herd mentality.

Sometimes, it’s best to remain independent, so that your animal instincts can be kept at bay. When humans are in large numbers, the individual gets drowned out by the majority, which destroys nuance.

Also, more importantly, I have seen hatred from these groups. Hate is not the way to go, my fellow men. Women are not the enemy, even if most of them are the problem. Always follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s example when it comes to a demographic that is problematic: Resist, but don’t hate.

It’s about bringing balance, not destruction.

Women are selfish creatures, and over the course of 50 years, men slowly allowed their selfishness to get the best of them. A woman’s selfishness was meant to be for her nest. They should be selfish about the importance of their own children, of their man, of their home, of their neighborhood, and of their people. They are supposed to selfishly be more attractive than other girls so that they can grab the best man they can find. They are supposed to think their children are the most important, their man is the greatest man alive, their home is the best home ever made, etc., and be territorial of these things. But that selfishness has been running wild, and has turned into entitlement, and a lack of a sense of responsibility. Women were not always as entitled and irresponsible as they are now. Women used to respect us, as much as we respected them. Now, women are trying to replace us, and we have no choice but to either suffer, or push back.

Women were happier before they tried to be just like us. This is a statistical fact. Women were happier when they kept the most precious thing anybody could have – a home – intact and happy for their families. There’s no shame in that, but the feminist movement has poisoned women’s minds to think there somehow is shame in that.

We should pity women, and we should push back as hard as we can, but the one thing we shouldn’t do is hate. In this series, I have and will continue to be realistic and honest for the sake of pushback, but I refuse to be spiteful. I’ve known plenty of wonderful women. REAL women. So, hate is not the way to go, because it’s not simply being female that’s a problem. Women weren’t always like this. They can be sane again, if we do our jobs as men.

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