Why Are Women Selfish Creatures? | Women Series Pt.1

Men, the NUMBER-ONE thing you need to remember about women is: They are conceited creatures. If you don’t believe me, whenever you see a woman, or groups of women, doing literally anything, just ask yourself what is driving that action.

Why are women 100x more likely to become feminists (specifically feminists) than men are to become any kind of activist? Women are conceited creatures.

Why are most women either incessant liars or pathological liars? Women are conceited creatures.

Why do women in large crowds cheer for literally-anything that’s said about them in a positive light? Women are conceited creatures.

Why are women so inclined to throw away the man in their life, and feel no regret for doing so? Women are conceited creatures.

Why does feminism even exist in a society where it is illegal to discriminate based on sex? Women are conceited creatures.

Why do feminists complain about the wage gap, which is a non-issue, when other women in the Middle East are suffering at the hands of real misogyny? Women are conceited creatures.

Why don’t feminists ever complain about their immunity to the draft, or the bias our criminal and family courts have toward them? Women are conceited creatures.

Women did not evolve to be strong, brave, or even resilient. They evolved to make babies. That’s what it all ultimately comes down to. Because for 99% of our species’ existence, women stayed with the community while men were the ones venturing out, risking their lives to bring back food, supplies, or to report they won a war against another tribe. Women are the baby-makers, and the baby-makers cannot risk their lives. Since women were not risk-takers for tens of thousands of years, it became instinctual to leave such things to men.

This is why women are takers, not givers. This is why women, even when they want to give or to help, they demand it of others instead of doing it themselves. And if they do give away anything that is rightfully theirs, they will never give away anything if it would make their life less comfortable.

Women are liars because men are their one and only defense mechanism, and they lie when they don’t feel comfortable or safe, which tends to happen very easily. They cannot compete with us physically, and therefore, their strategy is influencing us mentally. The reason women are liars is also the reason they resort to seduction or victimhood to get what they want or need.

They instinctively understand that men are naturally built to do 3 things: Protect, Provide, and Reproduce. They are not the strong ones, mentally or physically, so therefore, they need us to be those things for them, and therefore, their only power is influencing us.

In conclusion: No matter how much women hate us or devalue us, at the end of the day, they couldn’t get by without us. They would very quickly understand this if they were cut off from ‘child support’ payments, cut off from alimony payments, cut off from SSI or WIC payments, if their criminal sentences were equally as severe as men’s, if they were not immune from conscription, if they worked dangerous jobs as often as men, etc., etc., etc. Women are selfish creatures because Mother Nature decided tens of thousands of years ago that a woman’s survival mechanism is, and always will be, men. They are helpless without us. They have nothing that we don’t give them, whether it’s in taxpayer dollars (we pay most of the taxes), direct payments, access to our bank accounts, or a biased legal system. And they know this instinctually, and sometimes consciously.

It’s not entirely a bad thing, because men are built to serve, and without women, we would have nothing to serve. It’s an ideal balance in other ways too, which I’ll explore throughout this series.

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