Space is Subjective

Look up at the night sky. The image you are seeing in that moment, all the stars and planets in their current positions and brightness, never truly existed as you are currently seeing it.

Whether through a telescope or with the naked eye, when you look out into space, you are essentially being lied to by the universe itself. You are seeing the past – thousands of years into the past. You are seeing stars that are thousands or millions of lightyears apart from each other, whose light had drastically different starting points before it made the journey to your eyes. You will see stars that are currently dead, or stars that have swelled or dimmed. You won’t see any newborn stars, because their light has only just begun to travel across the vastness of space.

If you were to reside in the Andromeda galaxy and looked through a powerful telescope at Earth, you would not see cities. You wouldn’t see people at all. You would see, at best, our primate ancestors, who still had tails and lived in trees. That is because Andromeda is 2 million lightyears away from the Milky Way. If you were to look at Earth from a galaxy around 100 million lightyears away, you would still see dinosaurs walking the Earth.

You see this beautiful image?

These clouds are called the Pillars of Creation. If you looked through a telescope right now, this is what you would see for the most part. Except, they don’t exist anymore. They’re not really there anymore.

If the sun disappeared, we would have no way to tell for 8 minutes.

So, it’s not that nothing is real or consistent in space, it’s just that space is almost entirely a matter of perspective. At no given time could you know for certain what truly exists, what state in which it exists, or even it’s true location. When you look up at the night sky, you are seeing billions of different stories from drastically different points in time, converging all at once to where you are.

The night sky never truly happened. Never, in the history of the universe, did everything you see up there with your naked eye truly happen in that exact way at the same time.