My Theory of Everything

The only epiphany I’ve had this year that didn’t come to me in July was the one I’m about to discuss. It is my own personal theory of everything. And don’t get me wrong, I do not blame you if none of this makes sense.

My epiphany is this: All of existence is both infinite and static (does not move). Time does not exist.

I’ve been rather obsessed with the significance of the number pi for years. I’ve been thinking for years upon years that pi has to explain something about existence as a whole. Why pi? Because pi is a specific number that is infinite, and it is the number that is tied to the most stable shape in existence, which is circles (technically spheres are, but close enough).

Before I elaborate on pi, I want to talk about numbers themselves.

What are numbers? They have no mass, no physical presence in the universe, and they cannot be sensed or detected in any way … yet, they most certainly exist and they are ever-present no matter where you are. Not only do numbers exist, but the laws governing mathematics remain the same at all times. 2+2 is 4, and always will be, no matter what. Same goes with every math problem. Oh, and numbers are also infinite. No matter how big a number you come up with, it will always be closer to 0 than it is to infinity.

Numbers are representative of existence itself. A reflection (for lack of a better word) of reality. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc., are just ways of navigating the infinite expanse of numbers.

Now, let’s return to pi. There is something about pi that nobody ever points out. It’s an infinite number, yes, but think about what each number in pi is. Let’s look at the first few digits:


With any decimal, each following digit is 1/10th the value of the previous. That means with pi, the first 1 is 1/10, while the next digit 4 makes it 14/100. The next 1 makes it 141/1000. The first 5 makes it 1415/10000. The first 9 makes it 14159/100000. The first 2 makes it 141592/1000000. And so on, into eternity.

Now, think about what we already know, without a doubt, about matter. The universe is infinitely big if you keep pulling back, and it’s infinitely small if you keep zooming in. It’s infinite in both directions. Whether you’re talking solar systems, then galaxies, then superclusters … or talking molecules, then atoms, then particles … it never really ends in either direction. Just like numbers. Scientists universally agree that the universe is much bigger than what we can observe with our telescopes. Scientists agree that the universe is much bigger than the distance light has reached us from billions of lightyears away. In other words, we don’t know for sure if the universe is an infinite expanse, but it very well could be. I think it is.

Second-to-last point: Matter is governed by different physics at different scales. Gravity, as just one example, is undetectable, if not outright nonexistent, at the atomic level, while on a solar scale you see it plainly. Gravity is not the only example, but the only one I’ll use to demonstrate this.

Now, final point before putting it all together. Cause and effect. Everything is governed by cause and effect. Simply put, this is what makes free will impossible. Free will is only an illusion, because we are ignorant of what will happen next. But without any doubt, everything that ‘happens’ in reality are predicated on everything that came before. Simply put, everything that ‘happens’ is inevitable, and everything in the past could not have possibly happened differently.

Put it all together…

The universe doesn’t seem to operate any differently than mathematics itself, and as we already know, mathematics is nothing but a means to understand the mechanics of reality itself. It’s almost as if existence as a whole is coded. Not saying we live in a simulation, I don’t believe we are, but just that reality operates like countless lines of code inputted into a computer. And while the ‘universe’ is a somewhat subjectively-defined word, there is only one existence. There may be countless universes, like there are countless galaxies, but still, there is only one overall existence, and everything that ‘occurs’ in it is already decided. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously, like the static numbers that comprise pi. Existence is infinitely large, and thus also infinitely small; and like each digit in any number, each digit is a different ‘value’ than the next, like the infinitely-various scales of existence itself. In other words, we don’t observe things occurring so much as we experience the differences in what already exists, which is everything. Nothing is created or destroyed any more than numbers can be created or destroyed. Past and present are like different points on a number line, but all of it already exists. All of it is happening at once.

Don’t worry if you’re lost. It’s my own theory and even I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. Just, something makes me certain this is true, despite my not fully grasping it.

Anyway, there you have it. My theory of everything.

This is the last thing I post for at least a week or two.

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  1. Ok first off the ideas behind your epiphany are basically a modern spin of Plato’s philosophy. Second of all dynamic time, I. e., past, present, future, is only one aspect of time. Second of all you said there was no time but then said the past was fixed which is a property of our experience of time. What about counterfactuals and the reversibility of time as seen in relativity? Not only that but in this universe how do you explain there being no hidden variables or a beginning to space time? Not saying you don’t have answers to these questions. Just I sincerely would like to know your answer to them.


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