More Outbreaks, More Restriction – A Message to Gov Kate Brown

I say this referring to everything you’ve done thus far, and everything you will predictably do in the future…

When you lock everything down, and then reopen, there will be another spike. Then you lockdown again, and then reopen again, and there’s another spike, so you lockdown again. Notice a trend, governor?

Since when did an effective fighting strategy become cowardice? The more we hide from this virus, the more vulnerable we become to it. Being outside, where we can exercise, and most importantly, breathe fresh air, makes us healthier. And for fuck sake, centenarians have fought off this virus… YOU can live in fear if you want, but that doesn’t mean the rest of should have to as well.

People who don’t want to risk exposure at a grocery store can order food online…

When it comes to food service workers, I can understand your authoritarian measures. When it comes to damn near everything else, I am vehemently opposed.

This is why I hate maternal politics. Stop trying to mommy us. Life comes with risk, and you can’t mommy your constituents out of that fact. Stop trying to proof our home of danger.

Viruses burn out. Recall that SARS burned out right as a vaccine was introduced, and we ended up not even needing the vaccine. So, don’t tell us that this virus is something we have to live with for the foreseeable future. No, YOU are something we have to live with for the foreseeable future.

If people want to risk exposure to the virus, that is their right. If people don’t want to go outside, or don’t want to go outside without a mask, that is also their right.

You, Governor Brown, like so many other governors, are becoming the problem you think you’re saving us from.

(Also, seriously, stop trying to appeal to our emotions when you introduce new authoritarian restrictions…)