George Floyd – How Everyone Used His Death as an Opportunity

People want blacks to be oppressed, especially the Left. I am completely convinced of this now.

Does anybody actually care what happened? Does anybody actually care about the truth? Let me break this down for the idiots:

Truth: A police officer knelt on a man’s neck for 9 minutes. The cop happened to be white, and his victim happened to be black.

Nobody who was uninvolved – I repeat, NOBODY – would know George Floyd’s name if it was a white officer killing a white man.

It’s impossible to stomach seeing the footage of this event, but people would have forgotten about it in less than one day if it weren’t for the fact the victim was black and the suspect was white.

Anybody remember Daniel Shaver? Of course not. There’s even a Wikipedia article about him, so it’s not like this was some obscure story nobody ever heard of even when it happened… Daniel Shaver, a white man, who was killed by a white officer, was shot dead because an anonymous person saw him holding a pellet gun and feared it was a rifle. All he did was walk down a hallway, then cops appeared, and then a moment later he was shot dead. Shaver was told by the Sergeant to lie prone, to crawl with his hands on his head and his legs crossed, while being shouted at and threatened. Shaver was shot dead for reaching back, likely to keep his pants from falling down.

Here is the simple version:

  • Someone reports Daniel Shaver has a gun.
  • Cops show up and make Shaver play a stupid game of Simon Says.
  • Shaver makes one mistake and gets shot dead.

Any public outrage over this incident? Were there riots, or even protests? Of course not. Daniel Shaver wasn’t black, so nobody gives a shit. If he had been black, HOLY SHIT the outrage. People would cry that it was only assumed his pellet gun was a rifle because he was black. People would cry that he was shot simply because he was black, and the stupid crawling instructions were meant to be impossible so that the cops could have an excuse to shoot him.

But Daniel Shaver was white, so nobody saw an opportunity to put their virtue on display, or loot stores…


When you make everything about race … you make everything about race. How the actual fuck is that supposed to make anything better?

George Floyd did NOT deserve to die. We all agree on that. The officers involved, not only Chauvin, deserve imprisonment. We all agree on that. But to believe that all there is to the story is that a perfect angel was targeted out of nowhere, then killed simply because he was black, is just plain asinine. He was confronted by police for what was essentially theft. There was a struggle. He had drugs in his system (fentanyl and meth, to be exact). He did not deserve to die, but he was NOT targeted for being black. Chauvin’s restraint is the cause of death (no autopsy report saying different can convince me otherwise), but the fact still remains that, yes, there was a need to restrain George Floyd. Sure as fuck not like that (ever), but proper restraint was actually necessary.

As per usual whenever anything bad happens to a black person, regardless of the truth, and regardless of context, EVERYBODY rushed to start drawing attention to themselves. That is the extent of anyone’s feelings of the matter, or similar events. “Look at me! I’m against racism! I’m such a good person because I don’t like racism!”

Where is the evidence that this shit stain Derek Chauvin is a racist? Where is the evidence? I still haven’t seen any, and I’ve been keeping myself updated on this situation as much as I can. I don’t think there is any. All the evidence seems to point toward Chauvin simply being a sociopath, from my perspective. (In all fairness, maybe, just maaaaaybe, he was too stupid to understand that kneeling on a person’s neck could asphyxiate them. But I really fucking doubt it.)

My anger about what happened stems first from the murder of a man who did not deserve to die. But secondarily, my anger stems from how cops do this shit all the time and just. keep. getting. away with it.

When the rioting started, I’ll admit right now, I didn’t mind it so much. I’m a little ashamed of myself for feeling this way. I didn’t mind it so much because in my mind, I thought, “What else is going to bring change? Cops get away with murder all the damn time, we protest it sometimes, we give to charities, we raise awareness … but nothing happens. So what else is going to force necessary change in this regard?” That was my thinking, flawed as it may be.

In addition to murder, cops can seize your property and then sell it for money … and they don’t even need a reason. There are some laws meant to prevent this, but there are really easy loopholes they use to get away with it. It can be your car, it can be your entire house. Police departments get billions, yes billions, every year from seizing property. Look at this article where they tell you outright that cops steal more each year than burglars.

I believe the police have far too much power and it is abused far too often. A 1982 Supreme Court ruling pretty made things this way. You want to know more reasons and more examples of the police getting away with what is essentially crime? Watch this video.

Also watch this video. Just more evidence police brutality is not unique to black people. It even happens to white teenage girls in bikinis…. Could someone possibly be less threatening than that?

Anyway, this is why I wasn’t completely against the riots when they started. What cops can get away with is unacceptable.

But that doesn’t mean all cops are bad. Hell, I wouldn’t even say most. Cops are what stand between us and anarchy, and they deserve thanks for that. Still, when they do go overboard, nothing happens and we just have to accept it. Bullshit!

But since race is all people want to talk about lately, okay, let’s talk about race… And before you read on, because we live in an age of brainless, infantile overreaction to everything everywhere, I have to state something very simple: Criticism is not hatred. I am 25% black myself and I’ve always loved that fact, equally as much as I love being Asian and white. There is nothing wrong with being any race, including black OR white, but there certainly can be problems with cultures; any culture.

Blacks DO commit more crimes. They get put behind bars more because they commit more crimes, not because of ‘the new Jim Crow’.

There IS a race of people who kill blacks far more often than any other race: Blacks. Do your own research on crime statistics. When I look at the black-on-black crime statistics, it could not be more obvious to me that the race that hates blacks for no reason, is blacks.

Truth: The safest place for a black family in America to live is in a white neighborhood.

There is a problem with black culture, at least in America. That problem is fatherlessness. Boys need to grow up with a strong male figure to teach them what is what. All children need their parents to be examples of stability, wisdom, and strength, especially from their fathers. Over half of blacks are not raised by their fathers. Yes, over half.

When you grow up without a father, whether you are a boy or girl, you create your own definition of what strength is, what wisdom is, and even what love is. When you don’t have a proper example, you are far more likely to think that joining a gang is what makes you strong, you believe shouting is how you prove you’re right, and that exerting power over others is what true power is. Fathers need to teach their kids that strength is being there for your loved ones, helping the poor, being resilient even in the hardest of times, and keeping your family together.

Please watch this video. If you’re only going to watch one video I’ve shared in this post, please make it this one.

When you grow up without a father, whether you’re male or female, you are far more likely to act on your primal instincts. You’re also far more likely to never grow up mentally. You will probably behave like a child your entire life, especially if your mom was the only parent you ever knew. And when I say this applies to females too, I mean it. Most prisoners, including female prisoners, were not raised by their father.

Fatherlessness is the core of the problem that everyone, especially the political Left, actively WANTS to twist into racism with the black community. The Left doesn’t want anything to improve for blacks, because the Left needs blacks to make themselves look virtuous. Even corporations treat blacks like this. Disney didn’t have any black people in the first Frozen, but when SJWs rose up after that movie’s release, Disney decided that they have to appear virtuous, and so they tossed in some black people despite it making no sense whatsoever to the story. The Left doesn’t treat blacks like people, but rather as props with which to draw attention to themselves. How does that not sicken everybody?

The problem is not racism, or race. The problem is fatherlessness and opportunists.

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  1. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you make some valid points. I’ve always believed that it has never been a race problem, but a poverty problem. And, unfortunately, it seems there are more poor Blacks than Whites. Fatherlessness would put extra strain on the family, so I can see that relation, but I don’t think it’s the main reason for racial inequity.


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