It Happens to Men, Too

I will include a portion similar to this in my upcoming book, Princess Culture. I figured there’s no reason not to make a public snippet now since it’s not a significant portion of the book.

Think of anything, absolutely anything, that women complain about or accuse men of. Whatever you thought of, it happens to men, too. I know this from personal experience, friends’ stories, and statistics.

I have been used for sex. Not only that, but the way it happened would make you think the roles were reversed. I had always thought I was immune to such an experience because I’ve always been very particular about whom I sleep with. But it still happened to me … a guy.

I was 23 at the time. She was a girl I found online, and she was on vacation when I contacted and started getting to know her. Actually, shortly before she got back from vacation, I started losing interest in her, and even told her as much, but she still said she wanted to meet up. We had some fun together, then she started trying to make the fun sexual. I was game, but I hesitated and told her that I only sleep with girls I’m in a relationship with and she hadn’t given any indication we were any sort of couple yet. She said nothing. But I figured whatever; she must want a relationship since she’s female, right?

She didn’t contact me for three days, and only to tell me she doesn’t want a relationship but is still willing to see me again. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy about that, and I haven’t heard from her since.

That night was the only time I ever saw her in person. So, it definitely happens to men, too. I’ve been used, I’ve been cheated on, and I’ve never used anyone, nor have I ever committed infidelity.

Around the same time, actually, one of my friends had an intriguing experience. He was sleeping with a woman who was married. Now, I wasn’t present for literally any of this, I only know what my friend told me, but I’ve always kind of assumed the husband didn’t actually know what was going on. Either that, or he knew, and was too scared to speak up about it. I myself have been cheated on, and I know full-well what it’s like to fear asking about it. Why fear bringing it up? Because virtually no relationship survives infidelity, no matter how much you love the person who cheated on you. It’s a pain that almost never heals. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

Now for the more serious situations.

Men get raped, too. In fact, males get raped more often than females. There’s so much demonization of men these days that people seem to forget men can be victims of men just as much as women. The problem is not being male, it’s despicable people, plain and simple. And by the way, women can rape men, too.

Google it if you really need some examples.

Usually women violate men who are younger and therefore smaller. When it happens to a boy or man, he is more likely to never speak up about it. Why? Well, because of the very reason I have to say all this in the first place: People think only women can be victims … of damn near anything. People also think men accept and enjoy sex no matter how it happens. I’m 6’4, I’m strong, I’m healthy, and I know I’m attractive (given the aforementioned story, the fact that being with girls I desire has never been a struggle for me, and the fact gay men hit on me far too often), and yet despite all this, I have strict personal rules about whom I sleep with. Even someone like me, for whom sex has never been difficult to achieve, still doesn’t want it with just whoever. I’ve never been violated, but I know if I ever was, I’d be equally afraid to speak up about it, especially given my physique. People seem to only believe men, or give a damn, if the man is short and frail. Basically, people only care if you look weak.

Women violate other women, too. That’s not the topic of this post, but I felt the need to say that.

So, that’s all I want to say on this subject. It’s just part of my continuing campaign to put an end to princess culture. Horrible and embarrassing shit happens to men, too.

Statistically, women cheat virtually just as often as men up until about 40. In fact, women younger than 30 cheat more often than men younger than 30. Women don’t remotely resemble angels.