My Next Book – Princess Culture

I have finished the first draft of my next book. Don’t mind this post’s cover, because it won’t be the book’s cover, but that will be the actual name of the book.

Princess Culture. At first I was going to write an anti-feminism book, and I guess that’s still what this book is, but it became much more than that. I’ve had so many epiphanies lately, and with every epiphany came my brain telling me, “Put that in! Put that in!”

Oddly enough, this book is kind of a lifetime in the making. I was going to dedicate it to the 4 people who inspired it – my mother, my ex-wife’s mother, my sister, and of course, my ex-wife – and I will certainly describe what invaluable lessons they have taught me, but I won’t ultimately dedicate the book to them…

I will dedicate the book to young men everywhere. Basically, every male younger than 40, but especially young men just beginning their adult life. They are the ones I speak directly to in the book, because from the bottom of my heart, I don’t want young men to have to learn these lessons the hard way. I’d rather they read this book and be glad my learned wisdom spared their lives from ruin in the near future. Basically, this book will be a public service.

I don’t have a release date in mind, but I suppose I can throw out an estimate. Nobody hold me to this date, though… I’d like the book to be released mid-July.

More information, and possible excerpts, to be released in the meantime to my supporters.