You Can’t Justify This Lockdown (with Message to Gov. Kate Brown)

This COVID-19 situation has made me quite angry at the left, whereas before, I was only ever annoyed with them, at worst, for all their retarded authoritarian wokeness. It’s simple, leftists: If you think we should stay at home, then YOU go ahead and stay at home. You have that choice. If you are terrified of a virus, you can’t get it if you lock yourself in your own home. Please explain the impossible to me: No matter how necessary you think lockdown is, how does that justify forcing everyone to remain in their homes against their will?

Freedom is a two-way street. You have the freedom to stay home, and you SHOULD have the freedom to resume life as normal. So, for the last time, please explain this to me, leftists. We know how much you love authoritarianism, but just try to use logic to justify this continued lockdown. I think I’m now in the camp that this forced lockdown was never justified in the first place.

It all goes back to Daddy Government. Because who on the left does not have daddy issues? Especially in this day and age where fathers are damn near a persecuted class now, and nobody is growing up with a proper father, of course the left always wants to fill that void with government. “Daddy Government, please make me do the right thing! I can’t do anything right on my own! I was never taught anything worth a damn, so please fix all my problems for me!”

Kate Brown, governor of my state, I really don’t care about your attempts at emotional speeches. I don’t care if you have sons, I don’t care if you’re from Minnesota… I don’t care how much you believe in working together, how everybody is so brave, and blah blah blah. Making us go, “Awwww” isn’t going to put food on the table. Is it an attempt to keep us calm? Suffocating our ability to pay necessary expenses won’t keep us calm, no matter how many times you try to pull our heartstrings.

I’m well aware that hundreds of people made the stupid decision at the beginning of this ‘pandemic’ to flock to the beaches. But that is their mistake to make. That’s how freedom works. Freedom lets people make their own stupid decisions, especially when it only affects themselves. It’s not up to Daddy (or in my state’s case, Mommy) Government to make us do the right thing. No citizen forced anyone to go to the beach, they made that decision for themselves, whether it was stupid or not. We now know that it wasn’t so risky, anyway, but I’ll explain that in an upcoming post.

Besides, it wasn’t the whole state, anyway. Literally everybody I know was already taking measures to social distance when people were flocking to the beach. Why should the rest of us lose our businesses, lose our day jobs, and fear no longer being able to put food on the table because of a few idiots who took no precautions? Again, I’ll remind you: Those people only put themselves at risk, NOT the rest of us who were already taking precautions. Punish them, not us!

End this lockdown! You have no ethical right to continue it; I’m actually shocked that you are legally able to. Tell businesses to implement social distance rules. Anything beyond that is a violation of our rights as US citizens, whether or not you can legally get away with it. Besides, businesses everywhere are already taking safety precautions, or risking getting sued if they don’t.