Conservatives Already Have Everything Liberals Want

Tell me what the following people have in common: Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, Priti Patel, Judge Judy, and Tulsi Gabbard.

If you said they’re all women, you’re not wrong, but that’s not what I’m getting at. If you said they’re all conservatives, you’re getting warmer but two of these women are not strictly conservative. What do all of these people have in common? They’re strong women who don’t give a shit about feminism, identity politics, or even the mere fact they are female. (Past tense for Thatcher, of course.)

How many women can you think of who are staunchly left-wing social-liberals, who are actually strong? The answer is: none. Because feminism is for weaklings who can only fantasize about being strong. As it is with left-wing politics as a whole, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Only the Right understands that being strong, or healthy, or wealthy, needs to be earned. You need to make what you want. Make your body healthy, make your riches, make your family…

While feminists cry, and whine, and complain about some delusional perceived injustice, women who are actually strong are out there actually being strong. They fight for their country (like Tulsi Gabbard), they have families and keep their families intact, they become respected leaders who forever go down in history for their influence (like Margaret Thatcher), etc.

Look at these pictures…

These pictures aren’t meant to arouse you, guys and lesbians (although these girls’ attractiveness is part of my point). These girls are not whiny feminists, they are what feminists believe themselves to be – what they wish they were. Country girls hunt, farm, repair vehicles, etc. Like most conservatives, especially from the country, these girls were raised to do, instead of just talk, or whine, or fantasize.

The Left talks, the Right acts. Disagree all you want with the conservative philosophy, but you can’t deny the fact they have everything the Left cries about not having.

Feminism is just a piece of the left-wing pie, but it perfectly demonstrates what I’ve come to realize about the entire Left:

Being part of the Left, at all, comes from an infantile state of mind. Everything is unfair, and authoritarian measures are required to make things fair (ex. $15 minimum wage, UBI, etc.). Even if you disagree with that, the simple fact remains: The Right is, and has, everything the Left wants, from powerful women, to wealth, to equality of all kinds, to happiness, to longevity, to healthy bodies.

The great lie of the Left is that you must belong to it in order to care. Absolutely false. Being part of the Left only perpetuates problems that already exist, and creates new ones where there weren’t any before.

Right-wingers give more to charity (fact). Right-wingers do more for the environment (fact). Right-wingers are more accepting of people racially different from themselves (fact). Right-wingers have more stable family units (fact). Right-wingers are happier and live longer (fact).

Let’s move away from the subject of feminism and on to, say, socialism.

I know from first-hand experience: When someone in a right-wing community has financial trouble, their whole community (as in church family, or small country town) comes together to provide support. They do this without fail. Everybody trusts each other, everybody helps each other. Everybody gives more than they take. Because among conservatives, giving is how you earn the right to receive.

I won’t get into the details of why socialism always has and always will fail. But putting that fact aside for now, as important as it is, there is another fact that is equally as important: Having a socialist mindset is always – always – derived from wanting success without wanting to earn it. It is weaponized envy. No socialist remains a socialist if they get rich, whether by accident (inheritance/the lottery) or by working for it. Bernie Sanders, who never did a useful thing in his life, especially starting a business, suddenly wasn’t so hostile toward millionaires when he became one.

Socialists hate the rich; I think we can all agree on that. But I have the cure for a socialist mindset, and it’s simple: Try to start a business. Nothing in the world will open your eyes to the complexity of owning and running a company, or economics in general. Once you’ve dipped your feet into those waters, you’ll start to see how much hard work is required to run a business.

Part of having an infantile way of thinking (the basis of left-wing politics) is believing you deserve so much without having to work hard for it. Like a child. “Gimme gimme gimme!”

Leftists lack a sense of personal responsibility. Have you ever noticed how their problems, and especially their perceived problems, are always someone else’s problem as well? If a leftist’s job doesn’t pay them enough, it’s somehow the government’s fault for that. Take the ‘wage gap,’ for example. It’s completely illegal in the US (and almost everywhere else in the world) to pay a woman less simply for being a woman, and yet, the Left insists the wage gap is due to discrimination, instead of the obvious: Women make different life choices, including working lower-paying jobs in the first place, and working fewer hours; not to mention, they get pregnant sometimes and have to take time off for everything involved there.

Yes, the richest people in the world lean left, but they’re certainly not socialists. Besides, I’m tempted to believe they don’t lean left in the first place, considering how much, say, Bill Gates talks about the rich needing to pay more taxes, and yet he doesn’t volunteer vast sums of money to the government… So, do the superrich only pretend to lean left?

The most successful people, in any facet of life, are those who work for what they earn. The wealthiest people work hard for the businesses they build and their wealth is a byproduct of that. The strongest women focus far more on actually being strong, rather than just screeching about ‘empowering women’ every day. The most beautiful people work on making their bodies appealing to the eyes, instead of lazily staying fat and just expecting people to like that. The most talented people build up their talent instead of just, say, scribbling a crayon and then expecting people to think it’s art.

I could go on. Point is:

Name anything the Left wants, and the Right already has it. Period.