End the Lockdown Now

If you live in a blue state, don’t expect your freedoms to be restored anytime soon, as in years. This may be the time the Right has been fearing for decades about resisting government tyranny. The Left wants permanent lockdown. It’s ideal for their vision of a socialist America. We don’t need to be in lockdown any longer, at least not most of us.

Here are some facts for my leftist readers:

1. The vast majority of those dying from this virus are those with already compromised health, and people over 65. If you are young and completely healthy, your chances of dying from COVID-19 are damn near 0.

That’s 91.74% of COVID-19 deaths occurring to those 55 and up. 78.85% for those 65+

2. Large numbers of healthy people being tested for the virus are turning out to already have antibodies for it and/or carry it but with no symptoms. Far, far more people have already contracted it than we thought, which means many of us have either no symptoms or the mildest symptoms. Their bodies beat it without them even knowing they had it. If this pandemic was remotely equal to Black Death levels of dangerous, being asymptomatic would be impossible. But it’s happening everywhere.

3. The curve has been flattened. New York, the epicenter of the US outbreak, has actually rejected extra help, calling it unnecessary.

4. New York was only hit so hard in the first place because it’s a densely-inhabited area. Most places in America are nowhere near as densely populated as NYC. Italy was only hit so hard because most Italians, regardless of age, live with previous generations of their family (see fact #1).

5. There may never be a vaccine for this virus, because vaccines take, at the fastest rate, 1.5 years to develop, and by that time, the virus will very likely have mutated past its original novel form for the vaccine to be effective at all.

If both the Left and Right are calling this a ‘war against an invisible enemy,’ then why the hell aren’t we ‘sending’ our young and healthy to the front lines to defeat this thing?

The reasonable next step would be to keep social distancing only with those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. Anyone who is, and already would be, vulnerable to damn near any disease, should be in quarantine while the rest of us are out there on the front lines against this invisible enemy, immunizing ourselves to reduce it into obscurity. The healthy should all return to work immediately. There is no legitimate excuse not to at this point. The data is in; this virus is a weakling compared to far-worse pandemics that we did not shut down the world economy for.

And even if nothing I’ve said so far were true…


Ebola has a death rate of 50%. The Black Death had a rate close to 100%. This virus, COVID-19, has, at worst, a death rate of 4%, and again, most of that is people who were already vulnerable to damn near any threat to their health. But as stated before, the death rate is likely much lower than 4%. (A 103-year-old man beat this virus, and a 106-year-old in Britain.) Yes, this virus spreads very easily, but that is the virus’ greatest strength and weakness. This very fact would lead to its demise if the young and healthy were out and about as normal. You can’t be a threat to Grandma if you’re already immune. We need people getting immune to this as quickly as possible. THAT will be more effective than quarantine. If Ebola or plague could spread this easily, then indefinite quarantine would be a better option until we develop a vaccine or something before billions of people die. This is not the case, though.

It is not happenstance that the Left keeps trying to hide the data about who is truly being affected by this virus. It is not happenstance that they keep trying to invoke fear. They don’t want treatments to work, they don’t want a vaccine to be developed, they don’t want life to return to normal. Think I’m making this up? Go to the YouTube channels of CNN, or MSNBC, or any other leftist ‘news’ outlet, and this is what you’ll see all over the place. Damn near every headline in essence is “Here’s why we should keep being locked in our own homes,” and, “Looks like we’ll be in lockdown even longer!” Does anyone actually believe these outlets will gleefully announce hopeful news? Every thing they hate about their homeland, which is everything, existed during the ‘normal’ times, which is why the Left is refusing to allow normal to return. Not to mention, there are all of these government handouts to keep businesses afloat (which I agreed with up until approximately now), and of course all socialists have a hard-on for government dependency.

I abandoned the Left for a damn good reason. They don’t believe in freedom. They don’t believe in good. They crave tyranny. For them, it’s never about doing what’s right, it’s only about dogma, tribalism, and their religious ideology.

It’s no accident that they call black people white supremacists whenever a black person disagrees with them. It’s no accident they never hesitate to call women ‘misogynist’ whenever a woman disagrees with them. They call Ben Shapiro a Nazi even though he’s a devout Jew. They know exactly what they’re doing; they know exactly what they want. It’s not about doing what’s right, it’s about keeping people in line.

In the end, the worst part of this virus won’t be the virus at all, it will be opportunistic leftists. You already need not look further than the behavior of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

If half or most blue state governors start restoring freedoms, I will say I was wrong. I fucking hope I’m wrong, more than you can imagine. But I’m absolutely convinced I’m not wrong and that the worst is ahead, not behind.